There are literally thousands and thousands of deserving fans dying to get a chance to meet their bias and the fact that some so called fans actually have the nerve to directly disrespect and embarrass an idol in their face when they do get the golden opportunity to interact with them sickens me. There’s a thing called decency and respect. A lot of people need to learn that.

Watched the ‘Oh Helga Natt’ scene again, and I have so many emotions. The soft in that scene. It kills me. The way Isak gently noses Even’s cheeks, cradles his face. The super soft, gentle kiss, the eye contact, the 'du er ikke alene’. The HUG. My heart is aching. I will never get over this. It’s almost been a month and it still makes me want to cry.

the greatest lie ever sold in dragon age is that it is about mages versus templars.

it’s mages vs an oppressive organization that jails and abuses mages, leashes templars with lyrium and conditions them to abuse their charges, and find ways to screw over any race that isn’t human and rain exalted marches against people that follow religions that threaten to overtake them, all in the name of the maker and the ‘greater good’.


this took longer than it should have

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