more commissions!!! (^O AO)^ this time for @gentleman-caller !!! and it’s my favourite stuff!!!! comics!!! EEEE!!! (O [ ]O) and this ones gonna be a process! LOL! XD we’ve worked together a few times so far, and i look forward to doing so a lot more!!! <3 there are ten pages still to come in this one, but i’ll be splitting it up in between the other commissions (not to worry other commissioners! <3) so it’ll take a while to come out! this is based on a fic she and @theearlgreyalpha wrote based on a prompt i gave!!! (T AT) which i was totally unworthy of them writing!!! UGGGG!!!! and even LESS worthy to be drawing for! UGGGGGG!!! *snuggles you both* <3 <3 <3 when all the pages are done i’ll be adding in the text - so, until then, they’re just art! hahah! so i guess it feels a little random!?! but still! LOL! i look forward to doing more! i always love doing comics! HUZZA!!!