Topi’s Daily Card #1149:  Spell Swindle

Now this card is an amazing artifact maker and counterspell.  To me it kinda replaces Plasm Capture in any UG deck.  Sure, it may cost one more mana, but the color requirement is easier and you’ll have a whole bunch of artifact mana rocks to use instead.  This boosts any artifact deck, and the fact the mana is sandbagged to use later if you don’t use it right away is pretty awesome.  There’s tons of utility for this counterspell, so it’s something I’m going to slide into one of my decks, probably my Grixis Partner Artifacts deck.  Some people look down on more expensive counterpells, I say that’s where the real fun is.  


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


Face tutorial for Anon!

I wasn’t sure whether you meant heads or facial expressions, so here’s a very basic head tutorial! Of course not all faces are the same so proportions and the size of ears/eyes/noses etc. can vary! Feel free to explore and play with them to create unique and interesting characters!

I hope this is somewhat helpful, and let me know if you’d like a tutorial on expressions as well!