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In fact, while telling an anecdote about the time he almost said no to a Prada advertising campaign for a very hefty paycheck, he revealed how the Shameless actress motivated him to take it.

‘The money was incredible,’ he recalled. 'And Anne-Marie kept saying to me, 'Are you gonna turn that down?’ 'Yeah I’m gonna turn that down. I’m not a salesman.’ ‘You’re being a d–k. Do something with it. Give it to charity.“ He continued, "And I was like, 'Ding!’ About four minutes after she said that to me I was on the phone to the agent. 'Yeah, I’ll do it.’”

He ended up giving a third of the money to Unicef, a third to Retrak (a Ugandan organization that helps children) and a third to a new scholarship.

—  James McAvoy (Mr. Porter Interview)
Ugandan woman banned from visiting her children because she was blind
Sylvia Kalibeela, 30, from Masindi, Uganda, went blind overnight at the age of 20 and was banned from seeing her children. Now she's trained to make jumpers and hopes she can win them back.

[Sylvia Kalibeela in various settings.]

Ugandan woman relearns independence, ‘given a chance, a disabled person can be equally productive,’ she said.

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Leka Nzine (Sitya Loss) - Triplets Dance Group

These kids are AMAZING

(I’m gonna wait for Beyonce to come across this video on Youtube and “borrow” their moves for her next music video…. #isaidit)