10.) The Founders Garden

The Founders Garden is located on North Campus directly behind the Terry College of Business. It’s one of my favorite spots on campus. The two and a half acres it sits on are split into various sections. This is my favorite place on the University of Georgia Campus. The house in the courtyard was built in 1857 and has been used for many things including the sociology and biology departments, the Garden Club of Georgia, the chapter house for the Phi Mu sorority, and much more. It is fun to just explore on the small path behind the house and the terrace area. Come here to relax before a big exam or in between classes!

17.) The dam off of Macon Highway (Redneck Beach)

This dam was originally used to power the abandoned cotton mill that neighbors it. The dam is small but it’s very picturesque and perfect for a dip on a hot summer day. The movie, The Spectacular Now was filmed in Athens and has this dam in it. There’s even a rope swing beyond the dam if you’re brave enough to swing on it! If you want to find the dam, it’s easiest to get to if you go through the hole in the fence at the old Pure gas station. From there, you go straight until you see the overpass bridge on your right and there should be a kind of trail that you can follow. I’m not sure if this is legal or not but that’s what adventure is all about right?


12.) Little Italy

Little Italy is a pretty well known place among UGA students. The pizza slices are enormous and they’re pretty inexpensive. Not only is the pizza cheap, but it is delicious as well. This is the perfect spot to get a pizza and split it with friends. So if you’re looking for a place to eat pizza that’s cheap, close by, and not Your Pie, Little Italy is always a good option.


13.) Mama’s Boy

Rumor has it that Mama’s Boy is one of the best breakfast places in Athens. They have raving reviews and there’s almost always a wait. My friend and I decided to try Mama’s Boy on a Friday after class. We had to wait to be seated but the food was well worth the it. Everything from the strawberry lemonade served in a Mason jar to the salmon cakes and poached eggs was made to perfection. If you are searching for a divine breakfast or lunch place that won’t break the bank, definitely go to Mama’s Boy.


19.) Little Free Libraries

These Little Free Libraries slowly started popping up around Athens back in early 2013 and now they are everywhere! From downtown to far outside the loop, these little libraries are each full of books begging to be read. This project was originally started out of Wisconsin and now it has spread nationwide. Each Little Free Library is unique in design, some being more intricate than others. See if you can find all of them around Athens!

More info:


16.) Ike and Jane

Located in Normaltown just off of Prince Avenue, is Ike and Jane Cafe and Bakery. They are famous for their vast variety of unique donuts. One of their donuts has bacon and bananas on it! I went for the simpler red velvet donut with chocolate frosting and it was extremely delicious. In addition to their donuts, Ike and Jane also has breakfast sandwiches and lunch items. If that’s not enough to persuasion, Ike and Jane also offers an opportunity to save 10% every day by doing a silly task. When I went, I had to start a successful wave with another customer. Most people are more than happy to join in! Thanks to makethewrld for the suggestion!


11.) The Swing

I had heard about this swing before and I wanted to find it. I knew the general area of where it was but I wasn’t sure of its exact location. One day after Friday classes I set out to find it. This swing is literally a little piece of heaven in Athens. It’s so relaxing to swing back and forth and forget the burdens of exams and projects. I have spent many days here with my friends laughing, swinging, and having good talks about life. To find this little gem all you have to do to find it is follow the tracks!


7.) Buy a record downtown

Athens was and will continue to be a town defined by its music. Popular bands such as The B-52s, R.E.M., and Widespread Panic originated in Athens. Buying a record in a place that has such a great music scene seems like second nature. To buy my record I went to Wuxtry Records, which opened in Athens in 1976. Wuxtry offers a wide variety of records. Anything from classical music such as Bach or Beethoven to today’s hits can be found in Wuxtry. 


1.) Football game at Sanford Stadium

This is a must for any UGA student. The sense of community in the student section and throughout the entire stadium is truly enlightening. Seeing the whole stadium filled with red and black causes me to just swell with pride for my Georgia Bulldogs. So dress up in your finest red and black outfit, put a G tattoo on your face, enter Sanford Stadium and scream out the cheers that every student should know by heart on autumn Saturdays in Athens, Georgia. 


5.) Clocked

Clocked is my favorite restaurant in Athens. One of the most underrated restaurants in the area in my opinion. It has some of the best burgers and most unique burgers. They also offer a variety of choices for vegetarians. The menu is so diverse and has so much to offer. The prices are reasonable and the food is spectacular so what’s not to love? 

My favorite thing to get is the meteor burger and a side of fries with the basil jalapeño sauce (just a suggestion ;))


14.) Athens Farmers Market

The Athens Farmers Market consists of local vendors selling their fruits, vegetables, flowers, foods, and crafts. It runs on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon at Bishop Park and on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Creature Comforts. Even though it was a rainy Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent at the Farmers Market. I bought carrots, a cucumber, a bagel, and a baguette, all delicious! The Athens Farmers Market is a great place to buy local and it’s also very inexpensive. I would highly recommend it!


8.) Take a picture with one of the bulldog statues 

Everyone has seen the numerous bulldog statues scattered around Athens. It seems like everyone has taken a picture with at least one of the statues. It may seem cliche or like “something a freshman would do” but what better way to remember your time spent in Athens, Georgia than taking a picture with a beautifully decorated mascot? This is one of my favorite statues that I’ve seen. I feel like it fully encompasses Athens. It’s located downtown on Pulaski Street if anyone is interested. 

4.) Go to a concert in the Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall

This concert hall is one of UGA’s best features. Sitting in the balcony of this concert hall helped to provide an entirely new dimension to the music. I was fortunate enough to play here when I was in high school. I remember the band director saying that this concert hall had one of the best acoustic set ups in the country. Many concerts are played here each week and most are free. Be sure to take advantage of this beautiful concert hall. 

2.) Experience downtown Athens from above

The College Avenue Parking Deck offers a 360 degree view of downtown Athens. Behind all the buildings, many beautiful rolling hills can be seen. Even though the sky was overcast when this picture was taken, the view was still spectacular. On a clear, early morning or a warm summer evening be sure to come up here and watch the sunrise or sunset. 

FYI: There is a No Loitering sign on the top of the deck so beware


6.) Jittery Joe’s Roaster

The Jittery Joe’s Roaster has a relaxed and rustic feel. There are lights hanging from the ceiling, bikes everywhere, and even a book shelve full of books to read. There’s plenty of seating and it’s pretty quiet. This may even be a better study spot than Two Story during final exams. It even has free wi-fi! The Jittery Joe’s Roaster even offers tours on the roasting process of their coffee for coffee lovers.

PSA: This roaster closed in 2013, but they relocated to a new location on Barber Street so go check it out!

21.) The Tree Room

Located in the Chase Park Warehouses, the Tree Room is an open air building with two tall trees inside of it. In addition to the trees, there are also a couple koi ponds to make the environment inside even more relaxing. This room can be rented out for various types of events, there has even been a few weddings held in the venue. The Chase Park Warehouses are home to many other interesting shops, apartments, and even a trapeze and aerial dance studio. Make sure to take a look around when you visit the Tree Room.


9.) Study at Two Story Coffeehouse 

Two Story Coffeehouse is located near Five Points in (of course) a two story house. Well known as a place to get coffee but better known as a place to cram for exams, Two Story is the place to be (or not to be if you don’t like a little white noise) during finals and midterms weeks. With many tables and rooms to study in, Two Story is a great environment to study with friends or just catch up and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

PSA: The mango smoothie is to die for