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*drops off doodles of the kiddos*

anonymous asked:

You stole that gif set from nickmillers you just added a Psd on it

okay but i didn’t haha?? i’ve never even seen that gifset which was posted almost four years go, by the way. it’s a big fandom. several other people have probably giffed that particular scene as well. just a few months ago, another blog and i posted a gifset with the exact same concept which is fine because no one stole from anyone. and as a gif maker myself, i find reposting completely disrespectful and i would never ever do it…. i spend ages colouring my gifs so i really don’t appreciate you just accusing me of stealing someone else’s gifs and slapping on a psd. 

i got annoyed at my dad fro going out without telling me & leaving me home alone w/o my knowledge but he said he did tell me, and asked if i wanted to come, and i told him that i was busy

so the real question now is: which of my asshole system members keeps not telling me when things like this happen

                                        ( FAN AND SWORD. )

i. in your hands eliza dolittle ii. ocean coasts iii. love you madly cake iv. stop the world i wanna get off with you arctic monkeys v. all i need awolnation vi. dangerous big data ft. joywave vii. every other freckle alt-j vii. i won’t let you down ok go ix. supersymmetry arcade fire x. campus vampire weekend xi. closer to the sun slightly stoopid