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That episode was absolutely incredible for so many reasons? I mean first of all we had the Airbender kids; their grown-up ways, their individual personalities, and their dynamic together. I love each one of them to death.

And then we had Korra. Vibrant, lively, smiling Korra. She’s acting so much like herself again, and it’s amazing to see. The fact that she recovered with Toph-and that Toph made her recover on her own-is inspiring beyond words. She had to fight her bad thoughts, she had to get the poison out of her system. And she did it. And I couldn’t be more proud.

I’m just so happy right now; Book 4 has been brilliant in every way possible and as usual, I cannot wait until the next episode. 


These protectors are supernovas blazing bright, yet destined to collapse as furiously as they burn.

                  They are the Star Guardians.

I always get in these moods where I feel like complete shit and the only thing I want to do is lay in the bed and even though I have stuff to do I know I’m not going to do anything but lay here feeling miserable for no reason

Birthday & Ratio | Re:␣Hamatora on Pash! August~! 

mm because maybe you wanted a closer look at what’s going on

ratio’s sick in bed and birthday’s playing doctor (even wearing a white coat, maybe it’s even ratio’s, just because
1) that is too close even if it’s for comparing temperatures
2) birthday what are you winking at ratio for
3) ratio if you have the energy to be clutching at your blanket like that then why don’t you use it to push birthday away
4) nice and murasaki are in that room with you please get real birthday
5) get married dammit
6) yes, this is official art. scanned by the lovely vvlin91~! many thanks!!! 


baekhyun x black hair for my lovely nicole ♡

                                        ( FAN AND SWORD. )

i. in your hands eliza dolittle ii. ocean coasts iii. love you madly cake iv. stop the world i wanna get off with you arctic monkeys v. all i need awolnation vi. dangerous big data ft. joywave vii. every other freckle alt-j vii. i won’t let you down ok go ix. supersymmetry arcade fire x. campus vampire weekend xi. closer to the sun slightly stoopid