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All That Different

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Pairing: Adam x Reader, Sam, Dean
Word count: 580
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of smut

Returning the Favor

Neither of you knew what to tell the boys, or how, so you just…didn’t. The pair of you had always been close, so nothing really seemed all that different to them. Especially when Adam was helping you with tasks that couldn’t be done with your cast, or were just annoying to do.

Even when they found you asleep on the couch together, neither questioned it. Or when they saw Adam coming out of your room in the morning in his boxers with bedhead, you walking around in Adam’s shirts, or the giggles that would come from the shower while he continued to help you.

What finally gave them the shove into realizing the two of you were ‘together’ was them coming home from a hunt. Adam had stayed with you, as you’d just gotten your cast off the week before. You needed to work on the muscles in your leg a bit, which was understandable. They walked in early one morning, tired, sore, and looking forward to a comfortable bed and hot shower.

They were nearly to their rooms when your voice stopped them in their tracks. “Oh, fuck, Adam!” Dean slowly looked to Sam, a bit surprised. It wasn’t like they hadn’t heard you have sex before. Motels had shitty walls, but that was never their younger brother! That made it all sorts of weird to them.

Bringing up the fact that they’d heard you having sex wasn’t a comfortable thought for either, and they were curious how long you’d take to say something. Hell, how long had this been going on? Did it predate the broken leg? Did that cause it?

You’d began cooking a nice dinner, as you knew they were home. Adam had come in sometime after you’d set the timer and distracted you. He was leaning against the counter, your arms around his neck, his hands resting on your ass as your lips moved with each other.

Sam was the first one to walk in, following the smells that were wafting through the halls and vents. He paused, not sure if he should walk back out, or what. Finally, he cleared his throat, his hands shoved in his pockets.

Pulling away, your cheeks were bright red, as if a parent had caught you making out in high school. “Hi, Sam.” You said bashfully.

He smirked. “Really?” He teased. “‘Hi, Sam’? That’s all?”

Adam pulled you into his chest, his arms around your waist as he kissed your shoulder. “Go on, I see that question going around in that brain of yours…” He chuckled.

“Alright…” He shifted, crossing his arms now. “How long have you two been…?” Sam motioned between the two of you.

That amused Adam. “Intimate?” He grinned. “Sexually active?” You buried your face in your hands, groaning. “Knocking boots? Bumping ug–”

Dean walked in and looked at Adam and you. “What did I just walk in on?” He asked, opening the fridge to grab a beer.

“Sam asked how long we…” And then motioned between the two of you. “To answer- right after she got her cast on.” He kissed the back of your neck.

Sam nodded. “Good for you.” You peeked through your fingers at him. “Please. You aren’t that slick.” He chuckled.

Dean popped open his can. “Just…keep it down, okay? I mean, hearing you scream my brother’s name is just weird.” He suggested.

“Oh, God.” You groaned.

“See, that I could handle.” Dean shrugged one shoulder and walked out.

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I’m so excited to get pictures back! i just have a few ones here and there to post, but we got in some dignified shoots too! (and crossing my fingers hoping my costume wasnt totally messed up, i was having some issues with the bodice piece) 

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