ufyh creates

UNFUCKED. This poster will eventually say “feels good to get some shit unfucked” but right now it’ll have to do with a poor photo and a photoshop background, heh.

But I drew it on my completely clean sewing table!! <3 you UfYH <3

The UfYH Creates contest is now officially over!

Congratulations to maryofdoom, whose amazing cross stitch got the most notes!

Since this is my contest, though, and since I loved all of the entries, everyone who entered is getting a copy of the app. Check your inboxes. You guys are awesome.

A poem about cleaning

This was written a while ago, but I think of ufyh every time I re-read it. You asked for creative stuff - you are welcome to this one.


I remember the days when we sat in that kitchen,
Me scrubbing vinegar into the worktops and the hobs,
While you perched at the table, topping up our cups.
The smell of flash bleach mingled with ginger biscuits,
As the blast of cold from the back door
Brought in a freshness that chased away the stale air.

Snitching and bitching continued apace,
Sometimes punctuated by your cigarettes,
The scent curling through the door in smoky whisps,
Indulgences as guilty as the ovens’ warming chocolate cake.

More love goes into housework than just a house’s worth.
Mopping up tears, scrubbing out problems.
Guilty secrets were stored in the teapot,
Dribbled out on wet Sundays and autumn evenings,
And whisked up the vacuum hose out of reach.

Our numb fingers folded around hot mugs,
While the dusters and dish cloths were wrung out
Like confessions and admissions,
Dripping away against the darkening skyline.

A quick polish of the table always made it shine,
The woodsy scent hiding your tears,
As my clean windows reflected your smile.
And so my housework kept your deepest secrets,
Storing them into the glow and shine of a home…

“The Time Has Come, the UFYH-er Said,

to unfuck many things.

The trash, the sink, the laundry bin,

and yon host of clutterings.

With dishwater not quite boiling hot,

And a night of twenty-tengs.”

Before a 20/10 earlier today that included making coffee and brunch.

After the above, and before tonight’s first “twenty-teng.”

After my “twenty- teng.”

Got the counter (very nearly) cleared, and the dishes (almost) all washed. And finally got to a long-overdue cleaning of the coffeemaker. :)

Next 20-teng to involve creating dinner.

Happy birthday, Team UfYH!

In a weird twist of coincidence, the little trip through the archive clued me in that today (yes, today!) is the 4th anniversary of UfYH! November 13th, 2011 was the day UfYH was created on Tumblr, although it existed for a little while on my personal blog before that.

It’s been an unexpected, wonderful, frustrating, inspiring journey, and things are only getting better! I’m working on the UfYH book as we speak. (Don’t worry, as soon as there’s a release date, you’ll know. You’ll all know. Everyone everywhere will know.) My app team and I are working on an AMAZING update for the app. It’s gorgeous and coming along nicely. And even though Tumblr is doing its damndest to make all of our lives difficult, our community here is still strong, supportive, and growing.

You guys are great. Here’s to four more years. Or more. More is good.