Abruptly he is blazing with light, all his freckles glowing like LEDs; the spines of his fins, spread as wide as they’ll go and standing out from the sides of his head, are almost too bright to look at.

I can’t find the ask I sent asking about favorite scenes, but I hope I made it justice and didn’t take too many liberties.

Happy birthday to us, ceruleanCynic! May this year bring you lots of Amporas to meddle with.


Your name is John Egbert, and this is definitely not what you intended when you signed up to be a foster home for animals in legal cases. Either way, a bit of love and nursing to health, then his charges would be ready for trial, and a rewarding, happy home. You’d seen trolls on television and YouTube, they were popular exotic pets with celebrities. Certain breeds were even useful for guide pets and companion animals for the elderly. Since they were almost-sentient, of course. Almost.

Chapter one because oops this thing got away from me fast.

Trigger warnings… uh… implied past non-con, major character death, past heavy abuse, incredible self-indulgence.

First things first, and credit where credit goes. The concept of trolls-as-pets is not new- but the universe this exists in owes itself entirely to ceruleanCynic, or coldhope, for her fantastic fic, “Unwanted Free Ugly Troll,” which is based on a fanart, and. You know what, there is just so much “yo dog I heard you like fanwork, so I put some fanwork on your fanwork, on your fanwork.” Since CC graciously let us run off with some of the concept, I will definitely tie it to UFUT, BUT, that said, THIS SHIT IS NOT CANON TO UFUT. It’s. An AU of an AU. Or a tailgater hanging outside an illegal tent city hanging outside an AU. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? This. Was not supposed to be this long and forgive me for my self-indulgence, and many, many thanks to CC for allowing me to run away with her concept!