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“That gives you a reason to live, just like that human, right?”

As i was re-watching episode 15, i realized that AngraMainyu!Iri was referring to Shirou with that line, which made me realize what a horribly clever parallel the new fate stay night anime has created with this scene in Illya’s flashback. under the cut because this got a little long for a picture post.

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  • fandom: Shirou/Rin is great because it's such an equal relationship
  • UBW canon Rin: *rearranges her entire life, throws away her chance at ever reuniting with Sakura, hamstrings her own magical capacity, and explicitly makes it an obligation to spend her life protecting Shirou*
  • UBW canon Shirou: Rin is hot and I like her, when I'm not busy chasing my dream to make myself happy
  • fandom: IT'S SO EQUAL
Regarding the After-Credits Scene in ufotable’s FSN UBW Episode 25

It seems to me that a lot of people were confused at the end of UBW’s anime, specifically during the after-credits scene..

Did Shirou become Archer, despite Rin’s best efforts and the things they’ve been through together? Where was Rin during the after-credits scene?

Don’t worry and stop panicking; they’re both fine.

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a helpful guide to anime/VN characterization differences
  • Visual novel Rin, a complicated, difficult, lonely young woman torn between her kind heart and her cold pride, all the while yearning to see both her sister and the boy she befriends safe and happy: The world is just another word for the things you value around you, right? That's something I've had since I was born. If you tell me to rule such a world, I already rule it.
  • ufotable anime Rin, a cute and highly palatable tsundere love interest: B-baka Shirou, it's not like I'm your girlfriend!