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(warning) not a relatable picture of gilgamesh:

whenever gil moves his head in the fate zero anime and his earrings make that wind-chimey noise/sound effect reblog if u agree


“That gives you a reason to live, just like that human, right?”

As i was re-watching episode 15, i realized that AngraMainyu!Iri was referring to Shirou with that line, which made me realize what a horribly clever parallel the new fate stay night anime has created with this scene in Illya’s flashback. under the cut because this got a little long for a picture post.

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some scattered thoughts on the new heaven’s feel trailer. hf spoilers within.

  • am i watching kara no kyoukai
  • no seriously that opening bit in a filthy back alley had knk vibes all over it and im glad
  • Saber is in the yellow raincoat. adaptation confirmed for good.
    • (i mean thats accurate, but also rip fate route fans and your dreams of an adaptation by ufotable) 
  • lots of focus on lancer here, which either means they are giving him an extra fight scene or adding more to the hassan fight. seems to be the latter based on that shot of him and hassan going at it on a truck
    • looking at it again i think they may have redone his prologue fights with saber and archer as well, since that shot of his spear flying to him looked like it was happening at school, and he only uses gae bolg vs saber
  • Saber using her wind blast at Ryuudo temple, which confirms THAT part is happening in the first film. im ready to cry.
  • Shinji confirmed for having a somewhat different look in this film but still making ridiculously evil faces. I actually love how the nasuverse has villains change outfits for different routes, it helps give the story a different feel, so i approve of this change.
  • hi zouken, nice to see you join the rest of the cast finally please die
  • this animation??? holy shit!??? 
    • i did not think it was possible for ufotables visuals and fight scenes to get even better but they have done so. No matter what the overall quality of this adaptation turns out to be you can be sure it will be gorgeous, with amazing fight scenes.
  • sasaki’s longsword vanishing… whose ready for that gore in a movie where they are less censored then the ubw anime.
  • i love how it cuts from Shirou declaring he will fight in the war, to that shot of Sakura. great way of linking the two things together and showing how sakura doesnt want that. 
  • Also a great way of bringing it all back home to sakura to remind everyone she’s the heroine of this route.
  • Sakura saying the final words of the trailer is also a good touch
  • Also i just realized they showed a lot of conflict without showing a single shot of the Shadow, and i love that bc it means they want it to be a total surprise to the audience. Can’t wait to see how they do it.

Overall everything looks fantastic. The animation is sick, the mood is already much darker then ubw, (which is fitting) and we now have a vague idea of how far this film will go into the plot thanks to that shot of saber’s wind blast at the temple. 

The one thing that worries me, is that shot of lancer fighting hassan on a truck. It was very cool, but im also just like ??? over this change. Are they not going to have the whole fight at the temple? with the shadow bursting out of the lake? that would be kind of a weird and random change. Im hoping the fight will just start out in the city, with hassan then retreating to the temple and lancer following him in.