1663 the Mass Sighting of Robozero, Russia - Ancient UFO
August 15, 1663,inhabitants of Robozero, Russia, were at the village’s church. They heard the sound of a “great crash from out of the heavens,”(...)

The Robozero sighting is the most famous UFO case in the history of ancient Russia.

To this day no known scientific theory has explained the phenomenon.

Fallstreak holes are natural phenomena that often get mistaken for UFOs. These ‘hole punch clouds’ occur when water droplets inside a cloud freeze and fall beneath it, creating a large gap that looks like a perfect hiding place for a flying saucer.

Aliens, obvi.

The rarity of fallstreak holes is what tends to throw people.

That paired with the tendency to look at anything in the sky and cry ‘UFO!’ is the perfect makings of a false alien alarm.

Sometimes these clouds have little rainbows inside.

They aren’t always circular, though…

They make all kinds of crazy shapes.

Including airplane/sword/cross/wieners.

Photos via: Rantplaces



The Truth Is Out There and, little did we know, the truth tastes a lot like cow’s milk, cows that have been abducted by UFOs. Kyrgyzstan-based design agency Imedia Creative Bureau created this awesome packaging design concept for Molocow milk. The glass milk bottles are shaped like tractor beams and capped by silver UFOs screw-caps. The bottles are labeled with the silhouette of a cow being pulled up into the UFO. We want to believe.

[via Foodiggity]