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Imagine Lup calling Takko “old man” when he starts getting into his later years while Lup stays the same.

“I figured taako would also become a lich eventually though, so he could stay with lup and kravitz forever since neither of them are gonna age”

I considered it and its def an alternative. I like to go with the idea Taako wants to live. More so Kravitz wants Taako to live; since he has expressed how what he was doing was never his real passion nor is being undead something he really preferred. Taako makes him feel alive and I think Kravitz (as well as Taako) would like to be able to have that long elven life. 

Also taking into account becoming a lich is really hard both in fiction and in irl game lol. Lup and Barry were taking a huge risk they knew about, Lup talks about how she needed sort of these memories to anchor herself. The process is literally giving up her soul and breaking natural law. I like to believe Lup made her choice not because she didn’t thank anyone else would but she didn’t want to have anyone else risk this much. Lup wasn’t going to let them have to make this tough choice if she could do it for them. 

long story short, my personal hc is Lup and Barry’s choice to become liches was a hard one and I don’t want to take that away from them with having Taako do it just to stay young and pretty forever when he can do that and keep his soul in tact. I believe Taako and Kravitz value his lief, a normal and happy one he gets to rebuild. Most importantly, he’s dating death, so him dying he’s not going anywhere lol. Kravitz probably has like a honeymoon home waiting for them in the astral plane right next door to Julia’s who refuses to move on.  

meisiu said: Are you using topaz clean or are your screenshots just really clear on my phone?
meisiu also said: Or are you using some cc skins 😂

They are weirdly more clear? I’m using my sweetpea action and that’s it! No topaz clean, although my game is actually on lower settings which… I’m not sure why but actually look better with this action?! Opposed to when I was running my game on ultra. Oh, and I’m using one of @ddeathflower​‘s default skins tho! (which I’m shamelessly in love with now)

awkwardpixels said: how are Your posts look soo clean and clear!!?

I’ve always resized my screenshots to 1111 pixels wide, and apparently tumblr really likes that width a lot? Because my screenshots usually come out GREAT looking on the dashboard, I also use a 250 x 120 crop ratio! 

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hey! i've been wanting to watch mnet's bts countdown episode tho i couldn't find it anywhere :)) do you happen to kno some links? thanksies!

hi!! i do have some link and they’re all good quality (: 

kshow123: eng sub (pick the google 1 server for good subs)
openload: eng sub + download
google drive: download (no sub) 

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Is it weird to think that the SP is still a great program even with the mistakes? A little off topic but people are already complaining that he did not take the drawing with him and left it on the ice.

People of the World Wide Web complain about the weirdest thing =___= Can’t track all of their woes because I’m too busy obsessing over why he lost a level on that final spin (I have a theory, but in order to confirm I need to consult with my spin master, who is currently offline *wail*).

It was not his best SP, obviously, but not his worst either. Triple Axel was great, speed across the ice was amazing, spins were pretty (Lvl3 notwithstanding), step sequence was out of this world. And 94.85 is a decent score for a program with an under-rotated quad and a fall. I say we take it as it is and move on!

butchcommunist replied to your post “pun-bear replied to your post “not even being able to name “women”…”

This is not an issue of “how do we talk” or something about small spaces, it’s about discussing class politics where identity is literally almost wholly irrelevant. There’s a difference between having a party and saying who’s invited, and trying to do advocacy around things like sexual assault that are specifically about violence against women, where women is a class and not a personal sense of self.

People act like this is so bad but things like repro justice, sexual assault advocacy, workplace harassment policies, are all things that would very much be useful for most trans women, like it’s not a matter of being mean and /exclusive/ it’s just class politics! You don’t ask if Bill Gates identified as bourgeois when talking about his relationship to capital.

^^ I was just making a post that said basically this lmfao so thank you

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I've been low key looking around but I think I missed it - do you know how Flower's doing? I know he got diagnosed with a concussion but I haven't heard anything since?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported yesterday that Flower is still day-to-day and that he’s being re-evaluated every day. Apparently, Coach Gallant gets all his info on Flower via the doctors because he doesn’t want to see Flower in person an accidentally pressure him into coming back before he’s ready, so it looks like they’re really letting Flower take his time and get healthy.

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Hi! Love your blog! Any idea where Hanyu lost a level on his CCoSp? I’ve rewatched it several times, could it be he was short on the change of edge? All other variations looked fine to me.. Thanks in advance for your reply and keep up the awesome work! :)

Working backward from the feature count, I can only conclude that they didn’t validate his feature of edge change on the camel position: he obviously scored 2 features for 2 difficult positions on his second foot, and there’s no question about the A-spin he did on the first foot. Could be because his outside edge was not clear enough in real time (it was clear to me no matter how I look at it, but who knows what the tech panel saw), could be because for some reason or another they started the count a bit late and didn’t manage to catch his full 2 revolutions. I think it’s the most questionable call of the evening to be honest =__= 

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Hi, thank you very much for your blog, your explanations are amazing!!! Sorry for my poor English in advance but I just wanted to ask you, was it just my bad quality live stream or was Yuzu really slower than usual self in his SP at Rostelecom? And if it was not just my imagination, can you assume the reasons? Because from practice fanvideos I did not notice that he had anyproblems with speed(

No, I wouldn’t say he was slower today, I didn’t notice any significant difference from his usual speed, anyway :) Because of the couple of mistakes on the jumps his program was choppier than normal, but aside from that, during the step sequence and transitions he was pretty much the same old, same old Yuzu :)

@iceandbone said:

While the two missed jumps are disappointing, I can’t really complain because Yuzuru’s footwork series just steals the show every time and I’m left in awe

My thought exactly :)

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Do you think Wakaba was underscored? I feel like she was robbed. I don’t understand how there could be such a big difference in the scores here and at Lombardia??

No I wouldn’t think so. The key difference in her protocol here compared to Lombardia is the call on UR and flip edge, which were both fair IMO. I still can’t for the life of me figure out why that young lady insists on having those jumping passes in her SP. The flip is obviously not a jump she likes, even though she’s been steadily improving it to the point that the takeoff edge is flat/unclear now instead of outside. Her Lutz is huge but she’s been having issue with controlling her landing, and as a result she can end up not having enough momentum for her toe, which would make her under-rotate it, just like what happened today.

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you got any baby henry headcanons like his childhood which im sure was filled with All Good things™

His childhood did have good things. He wasn’t overflowing in them but there were a sprinkle of moments that kept his love for his father alive.

- Henry’s mom always telling him to stop running in the house but Butch saying how he’s just being a boy

- All three of them sharing a room and Henry sleeping in the middle of his parents, cuddled by his mom. Sometimes his dad will roll over in his sleep and he’ll get to be snuggled by both of them.

- Saturday morning programming. Henry sitting up reaaaaal close to the tv with a bowl of cereal

- First time on the farm collecting chicken eggs. He got to take one home and have his mom cook it for him.

- Anytime his dad would let him sit atop his knee and fill his head with stories (all fiction, even the ones that weren’t supposed to be). 

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So I feel like tae isn't as weird as he used to be?? Like he's still silly and odd but he's matured so much in the last year that he's just not the same alien guy? Idk. It could just be me lol

Tae was never weird? Idk why people ever thought he is weird. Just because he can be silly sometimes?? He is young,but some people don’t see how loving and caring person he is. And yet people still call him alien?? I thought that stopped, tae himself said he doesn’t like to be called alien. So please stop calling him like that and everyone else who still does that, it’s 2017…
Of course he matured, they all did, nothing unexpected. It’s surprising what one year can do to a person and how a person can mature, life happens.

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Evan definitely has a lot of dominant traits; he’s usually the leader of the pack and tends to be the one who structures and monitors everything, so I could see him preferring to top. (However, maybe he’d like a break from that?) Jon’s silly and giggly and a real person-pleaser, so I could see him as a bottom no problem. But then again, we’ve all seen Seriouslirious and know just how possessive and focused he can get... long story short, I prefer top!Evan but I could definitely see it either way

I appreciate how you summarized their personalities.

Top!Evan is wonderful, and it really could go either way, you’re right! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)