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Hey is there any canon evidence that Stoke targetted Ben in the womb?

I’m going to quote @luminousfinn, since she is more well-read than I am in the new canon: 

Short answer: No, it’s entirely made up by fandom.

Slightly longer answer: There is one instance in the last Aftermath book . the one titled Empire’s End - where Leia senses a Dark “presences” observing out fer her and her unborn son. That’s it, all of it.

Literally the equivalent of a mother spotting a creepy dude as she’s taking a stroll while in the last trimester and Creepy keeps giving her the eye.

There is literally nothing whatsoever to support the ludicrous theory that Kylo Ren was manipulated from before he was born, except fandom’s desire to turn a genocidal white dude into a victim for some reason.

IMO, even if it was true, there is no correlation to reylo (not that you asked about that, but everyone I’ve seen passing off the womb thing as fact ships reylo). Like, Rey might have sympathy with Kylo if he had been manipulated since before he was born by the Dark Side (and there is plenty of evidence that he acts on his own free will both in the books and TFA), but that doesn’t automatically mean she’d fall in love with him. Even if they’re not related.

ETA: There is more evidence for it than I thought – more here.


A man, declaring he would burn passengers to death, set off a firebomb on a crowded MTR train during Hong Kong’s evening rush hour on Friday, injuring at least 18 people and spreading chaos among panic-stricken commuters.

The suspect said “burn you to death” before he drew the bottle and lit it, a police source said.

A 60-year-old man, Cheung Kam-Fai, was arrested in connection with the incident. He claimed to have started the fire for “personal reasons”.

Dark To Light

Oliver was thinking of that conversation he had with Felicity last year, here in the Bunker.

They had just come back from Ivy Town. Oliver was filled with doubts about returning to the life he thought was behind him. The happiness and love he had shared with Felicity during the five months they were away brought him the kind of peace and contentment he would never thought possible, not after the pain and darkness and brutality his life had been before he started his crusade.

The vacant look in Oliver’s eyes shifted over to Felicity’s empty chair. He remembered telling her about his doubts that day. He tried to explain to her that for him to fight against darkness, he had to become darkness. He told her that he didn’t want to be that person anymore. She leaned into him, and with love in her eyes and in her voice, Felicity told Oliver that he didn’t bring the darkness back from Lian Yu. She also tried to reassure him that he wasn’t doing this alone anymore.

The emptiness of the Bunker, the dark computer screens and lack of activity was a weight pressing down on Oliver. He sat alone in the darkness, a shade of black that almost made him feel at home. And this place was a home for him, a place of friendship and support and love. It was a sanctuary, a haven, a fortress. It gave him a purpose and a hope that he could make a difference, that he could step away from the chaos his life had been before, and not only save himself, but an entire city.

Felicity was wrong. He was alone. It became his new reality ever since that night the Gambit went down. When he washed up on the shores of Lian Yi, Oliver started a journey that led him to the darkness he tried to tell Felicity about. It smothered him, propelled him, and it was out of his control.

Felicity told him he felt a schism inside him. The darkness split him in half—one half was like a drowning, a state of mind that offered him no hope of being found and rescued. The other half was a redemption, a sense that he could struggle to the surface and find survival and strength  and the warm sunshine of a new day.

It was all false. There had never been a schism. It has always been just darkness. Chase showed this to him. He put it in front of Oliver and made it personal. And Oliver breathed life back into it.

He closed his eyes and the darkness of the Bunker deepened.


Everything that made Felicity who she was—what she felt, what she thought, how she loved and cried and fought; all of it wouldn’t have become a part of her if Oliver hadn’t come into her cubicle with his bullet-ridden laptop and changed her life.

She had been trying to move away from this for the past year. She tried to find a reason, any reason ,to let him go.

The only light in the loft was a single candle sitting on the table in front of the couch she sat on. It flickered and danced in her eyes, mesmerizing and giving a her a place to focus. Earlier, Felicity tried to sleep, but when she closed her eyes, the image of Oliver coming back from Chase’s chamber of horrors filled her senses. She saw him standing in front of her, bleeding and scarred, beaten and almost vacant. Her heart  broke, and in that moment, Felicity would have forgotten everything that had separated them, all the pain and heartache and suffering she had gone through. She wanted to go to him and hold him, try to ease his mind and body and soul. She wanted to love him.

Instead, she climbed out of bed, went downstairs and lit a candle. The flame was like another image of Oliver; a single flame surrounded by darkness. It was fragile and small and it would only take a paper thin breath to snuff it out.

Felicity tried to imagine what Oliver had been feeling and thinking as he made his way back to the Bunker last week. Those six days of torture Chase put him through must have brought back all the horrors Oliver experienced on the island and Hong Kong and Russia. He must have felt so alone, finally reaching his decision to quit, to give up everything he had fought and almost died for all these years. In that short week, Chase took from Oliver his purpose and drive, erased the hero he became, leaving only an empty shell. When he told her and John that he didn’t want to make a difference anymore, five years of fighting and loving and saving threatened to drain from Felicity. She stared at his wounds and felt afraid.

Felicity pulled the green blanket she had wrapped herself in tighter around her body.

What happened to Oliver was a visual incarnation of some of the stuff he must have gone through those five years he was away, but he rarely, if at all, ever talked about them. When he came back last week, Oliver looked like a small boy, afraid and lonely and needing a voice, a touch, a smile. He didn’t want to play anymore. Felicity, (and she knew John was thinking the same thing) wanted to protect Oliver like he protected both of them so many times. John was angry at Oliver for wanting to go back to being Mayor and having to interact with Chase again. It was a sham and the absolute worst thing Oliver could have done. Every time Oliver went to his office, it was him admitting defeat, and both she and John had never seen that from him. Oliver was drifting away in that defeat, and it scared them.

Felicity leaned forward and blew the candle out. No, she thought. Oliver needed his family. He needed a reason, a reminder that he was loved and cared about. He needed strength. He would do the same for her if the roles were reversed.

Felicity got off the couch, got dressed and found her way through the darkness of the loft and out into the night. Oliver was worth saving. She was not going to let him fade away.


When the lights came on, Oliver blinked and looked around the suddenly illuminated Bunker. The brightness confused him at first, and he had a sudden image of Chase coming back into the room he held Oliver in, coming back to bring more pain and regret and acknowledgement of Oliver’s past. Oliver began to feel afraid again.

Then he looked up from his chair, and Felicity was there.

“Oliver,” she softly spoke to him. “I need…I need to talk to you.” She hesitated and looked into his eyes. Again, she could see the vacancy in them. It felt like she was looking at a stranger, not at the man she knew and cared about and loved. “Oliver…”

“Felicity, what are you doing here?” His voice was dulled by his recent memories. “It’s…it’s late.”

Felicity went over and grabbed her chair away from her station and rolled it next to Oliver. “I told you, I need to talk to you. I want…to see if you’re okay.”

Oliver shook his head. “Felicity, I don’t’ think…I really don’t want to talk right now. And I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again.”

First anger, then grief and fear went through Felicity as Oliver brushed off her concern for his well-being. She hesitated again in her determination to reach him.

“Felicity,” he spoke again. “You should go home. I don’t want to make you upset or angry.”

“Oliver, you’re not making me angry. And I couldn’t sleep. I was hoping you would be here. I thought you might be with Susan…and I almost…”

Oliver shook his head again. “There is…there is no more Susan.” He looked at Felicity and a small tear rolled out of his eyes and down his cheek. “I told her…I told her it wasn’t safe for her to be with me anymore.”

In spite of his anguish, Felicity felt a brief moment of relief at this news. She had to fight against the smile that threatened to break out on her face. “Oliver,” she told him. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry you felt that you had to let her go.”

Oliver just stared back at her and said nothing.

“Uh…are you sure it was the right thing to do?” Felicity asked him.

Oliver sighed. “I’m not sure of anything anymore. It might not have been the right thing, but it was…it was necessary.”

This time, it was Felicity who stared back and had nothing to say.

“Felicity,” Oliver suddenly said to her, completely changing the subject. “Do you remember when you told me that I didn’t bring the darkness back with me from Lian Yu? That I wasn’t alone anymore?”

Felicity shook her head, confused. “No,” she responded. “I’m not…” Then she remembered. “Oh yeah. It was after we came back from Ivy Town.”

Oliver nodded. “Right. I think you were trying to reassure me that we made the right decision coming back.” He looked deeply into her eyes, almost pleading with her. “But Felicity, you were wrong. I did bring it back. I brought it back and infected everybody with it. And you were also wrong about me being alone anymore. I am always going to be alone.”

Felicity felt her own tears start to fall.

Pain filled Oliver’s voice as he went on. “I’ve done things…horrible things that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to…”

“Oliver, I love you,” Felicity blurted out.

Oliver looked at her. “I don’t think that matters anymore,” he told her. “I don’t deserve you loving me.”

Felicity was openly crying now. “Oliver, I don’t know what Chase did to you, what he said to you—but I know you. I changed…you changed my life because you showed me what’s possible when someone believes in a person. You believed in me, Oliver. And I believe…still believe in you. Please don’t shut me out. Don’t leave me.”

A brief recognition began to shine in Oliver’s eyes. He started to reach out his hand—then he pulled it back.


Then Oliver seemed to sigh with resignation. “Felicity,” he whispered. “I don’t know if I could survive…if anything happened to you…to John, or the rest of everyone.”

“Oliver, nothing’s going to happen. And you didn’t…it doesn’t matter to me if you think me loving you doesn’t matter to you.”

Another glimmer of acknowledgement filled his eyes. “I…Felicity, I need to tell you some things, some things that might change your mind about loving me.”

Felicity didn’t want to say anything that would break this delicate moment that was about to happen. So she sat still and silent, and waited for Oliver to let her in.

“When I was in Russia,” he began. “There was a man…a man I skinned alive…”

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Tiny chat is over,

I had a tiny chat with @ask-the-german-commander

Here are some things that happened for you who missed it 

My sister joined in as Prussia, with Gilbird

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The Gerita heart

Italy sneeze counter at the end was 9 

Some other things that happened where 

this masterpiece edit of our date by the awesome Prussia

Germany with a beard made on the awesome Prussia’s phone 

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It was a lot of fun, Hope we can do it again some time! 

Title: filling space
Pairing: DeanxOCxSam
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 1,435
Notes: written for @spnpolybingo, Wincest is the base relationship
Square filled: Grooming/hygiene


Dean’s still coming down, sweat drying on his skin and he’s panting, trying to get his heart rate and breathing to steady and slow. The bathroom door is open, and they can hear Sam taking a piss from where they’re lingering in bed. The lights in the motel room are off, so the one Sam has on in the bathroom casts a big rectangle of yellow light on the dirty shag carpet.

Stretching out a cramp in one leg, Dean curls his arm tighter around the skinny guy that’s draped over his chest. Sometimes, he likes space after sex, sometimes he likes cuddling. This guy seems intent on being a barnacle.

And Dean had thought he’d had a crush on Sam more.

“You staying the night?”

Dean squeezes his shoulder when he asks. Feels a bony chin scrape against his chest as the guy shifts.

“Is that - you don’t mind?”


The toilet flushes and the tap turns on.

Dean asks, “What’s your name again, darling?”

At least the guy laughs quietly, instead of getting up or pulling back.

“It’s Alex.”

“Alex. Yeah. Sorry.”

“Mm. It’s fine.”

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People Die in War

“People die in war.” his own words echoed as the Sentinel recovered from the battle. It was the second time they had taken a message from the Queen’s Hand, It was the second time he had met with Townsend on the field. The first time he dragged the man from the fight to keep him from causing problems. This time though there was a challenge, a duel for honor.

What does honor matter? For the longest time I didn’t care about honor, I was a blade in the dark, ending wars before they were even declared. I thought I protected my family, my land, but I was a hunter for hire…. A tool for money…but since joining the Sunguard, taking an oath, becoming a Spellbreaker I gained honor, or did I?

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