ufo: aftermath


Aftermath of Columbine. 

Columbine students return to school on August 16, 1999 for the ‘take back the school’ rally after the massacre. Nearly 2000 students attended, wearing t-shirts written with “We are Columbine.”  

Patrick Ireland, one of the many injured victims from the tragedy, is seen on crutches in the first photo on the left. 

becauseithrewgasandamatchonher  asked:

Hey is there any canon evidence that Stoke targetted Ben in the womb?

I’m going to quote @luminousfinn, since she is more well-read than I am in the new canon: 

Short answer: No, it’s entirely made up by fandom.

Slightly longer answer: There is one instance in the last Aftermath book . the one titled Empire’s End - where Leia senses a Dark “presences” observing out fer her and her unborn son. That’s it, all of it.

Literally the equivalent of a mother spotting a creepy dude as she’s taking a stroll while in the last trimester and Creepy keeps giving her the eye.

There is literally nothing whatsoever to support the ludicrous theory that Kylo Ren was manipulated from before he was born, except fandom’s desire to turn a genocidal white dude into a victim for some reason.

IMO, even if it was true, there is no correlation to reylo (not that you asked about that, but everyone I’ve seen passing off the womb thing as fact ships reylo). Like, Rey might have sympathy with Kylo if he had been manipulated since before he was born by the Dark Side (and there is plenty of evidence that he acts on his own free will both in the books and TFA), but that doesn’t automatically mean she’d fall in love with him. Even if they’re not related.

ETA: There is more evidence for it than I thought – more here.