ufo quotes

Don’t you love the fact that we call things mythology? And we say, well, this is just dumb people from the past who didn’t understand lightning and thunder. They didn’t know that it was natural phenomena. Really? And these are people like Plato - really smart people - and scientists and astronomers of the past who didn’t know what lightning was? They couldn’t tell the difference from a flying object that comes down from the sky and lands and beings come out of it, they can’t tell the difference from that and lightning and thunderbolts? Who are they trying to kid? Are you kidding yourself? So the thing about mythology is… The Greeks write a lot about the ‘gods’. The Sumerians, all these ancient people talk about the 'gods’. All ancient cultures tell us that we come from the stars. Every single one of them. Not most of them. Every single one of them. And so is that something we should pay attention to? Yes.
—  Michael Tellinger - Galacticconnection.com - interview transcript