ufo city

Whoa - some, truly, unruly, weird object just came shooting down from space and landed over by Steven’s house!!!  I didn’t have time to snap a pic with my camera, but luckily I have an extremely accurate photographic memory and I have reconstructed what I saw exactly in this drawing.

It truly is a UFO - an Uncommonly Fashionable Object.  I mean look at that bow tie.  No doubt sent to Earth by interstellar tech lords!!!


The Abandoned Sanzhi UFO houses, New Taipei City, Taiwan The Sanzhi UFO houses were futuristic pod-shaped buildings built in 1978 which were then abandoned a couple of years later. They were (and still remain) a great area of interest worldwide due to their architecture and the mysterious and tragic deaths that occurred during their construction. The buildings were fully demolished in 2010 and the site is now being converted into a seaside resort and water-park.

I SAW A UFO!!!  An Ultimate Fighting Optometrist?  No!  An Unidentified Flying Object!!!

I was out bat watching, it being Dracula season and all, when I saw something shooting through the night sky!  The speed and trajectory could only mean it was one thing - AN ALIEN SPACE SHIP!

Now, in my experience, alien ships come FROM space TO Earth.  But it looks like this alien ship was going FROM Earth TO space.  So maybe it’s not an alien ship from space, but an alien ship from INSIDE the Earth. 

I’m gonna start digging holes in my front yard first thing tomorrow morning.