ufo catcher toys


I guess I’ll have to re-open the shop soon because I tried Toreba for the first time and these are my winnings so far haha. I think there was some discussion about it on this blog before- Toreba is an app/site for playing UFO catchers remotely. I didn’t try it initially because the prizes were unappealing at the time. However, they have all these cute things now!!

Are you guys interested in these?? Apparently I’m still super addicted to UFO catchers :’)


Arpakasso/Alpacasso education of the day!

There’s 2 Black Monotone Arpakasso plushes. 

“Monotone” Arpakasso - Pink Stitching in the face

“Kuro and Pink” Black Monotone Arpakasso - Black stitching in the face.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but there is black stitching in the face of the “Kuro and Pink” Black Monotone Arpakasso.

If you have any questions just send an email at kawaiiplushlove@gmail.com

Also check at kawaiiplushlove.storenvy.com for your Alpacasso needs.