ufo catcher machine

namihoney  asked:

whats the difference between a scale and a prize figure? good blog btw :D

well, it really comes down to quality and price! scales are the more expensive ones (about $80 USD at the cheapest, generally over $100), whereas prize figures are made for those ufo catcher machines, and can usually be bought otherwise for anywhere between $10 - $20 (the more popular ones will usually be a bit more expensive)

as for quality, scale figures are more detailed and well-done in both the sculpting and painting than prize figures are.

here’s a nice comparison i just threw together!! the hair and face are especially good to look at for comparison – you can see how much more thin each strand of hair is on the scale figure (left), as well as how much more detail and precision goes into the facial features.

scales also usually have more shading added to their paint jobs, which is especially noticeable in the skin and hair. here’s another comparison that shows the paint job difference a bit better: scaleprize

of course prize figures are still usually very nice, and definitely good for beginners and people with tighter budgets!! at the moment, my entire collection is made up of prize figures just because i can’t afford any scales right now.

thank you so much, and i hope this helps!!


These are some of the new Pokemon prizes coming to UFO CATCHERs (claw machines) in the new year!

The I LOVE MEW series (which we had a limited early release of the first big plush back in September) is starting in January & carrying on through February. 

We’ll also see a line of “tsum-tsum” style plush of the Kanto starters in February. 

The Charizard Pikachu from last summer’s NeBukuro kuji seems to be remade as a claw machine prize too. Unsure if it’s identical to the other, or if there will be more in this series.

Finally, these Pikachus are part of the new Pikachu: We Meet Again line - this series is to celebrate the 20th anniversary!