Unofficial Friend Date || Poppy & Cal

[Cal knocked on Poppy’s door with his free hand, his other containing a pink box. He’d pretty much overslept his nap about 3 hours more than he anticipated, but woke up half way through and sent her a text letting her know he would come over tomorrow. He waited until he was allowed to come in and smiled.] Hey, sorry about yesterday, did you get my text. I don’t know if it was coherent, so I’m sorry if you didn’t actually understand it.]

Diverse Books: Don’t Categorize as “Special Interest”

A few years ago, I was at the bookstore, and I saw a young girl perusing the pages of The Mighty Miss Malone (Random, 2012) by Christopher Paul Curtis. I was just about to tell her what a good book it was when her mother snatched the book out of her hands saying, “Oh honey, you don’t want that book!” I stood there shocked, willing myself to say something—but the moment was gone, just like so many others I’d witnessed before: a mother taking a “boy” book out of her daughter’s hand and handing her a “girl” book instead; a librarian who only displayed black books during Black History Month; a father refusing to buy a princess book for his son; a woman who steered her kids away from the Newbery Honor book When the Mountain Meets the Moon (Little, Brown, 2009) by Grace Lin, exclaiming, “We’re not Chinese!”; and the woman who told me she wouldn’t read my book Prophecy (HarperCollins, 2013), because Asian names were too confusing. There have been many such moments, and I have never called anyone out on it before. Until now.

“I know you. I was like you once, but then I opened my eyes. Open your eyes, Captain. Why is the Federation so obsessed with the Maquis? We’ve never harmed you. And yet we’re constantly arrested and charged with terrorism. Starships chase us through the Badlands and our supporters are harassed and ridiculed. Why? Because we’ve left the Federation, and that’s the one thing you can’t accept. Nobody leaves paradise. Everyone should want to be in the Federation. Hell, you even want the Cardassians to join. You’re only sending them replicators because one day they can take their "rightful place” on the Federation Council. You know, in some ways you’re even worse than the Borg. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation. You’re more insidious. You assimilate people and they don’t even know it.“ - Michael Eddington


Titre en VO : Like Mike

Pardon My Titre : Magic Baskets

Via FB qui ajoute : “Un cas intéressant où le titre ‘français’ reprend un faux ami et est donc erroné : il est question de “baskets magiques” (les chaussures), or en anglais, cela se dit trainers [ou sneakers en anglais US] et non baskets (qui veut dire “paniers”). Le titre “français” se traduit donc littéralement par “paniers de magie” et non pas par 'baskets magiques’”

Notons qu'il est surprenant de ne pas avoir conservé le titre original, la référence à Michael Jordan (Mike) étant relativement universelle…