Literally sinking into a depression because of the Silva fight. Like fuck man why did that have to happen?! 7 years of going unbeaten, went 14-0 total and had 9 straight title defenses…if only it could have kept going. He was(still is) my all time role model and I viewed him as basically a super human and to see him lose like that….I just started raging and stormed out of the house but now I’m just really bummed, and the ignorant MMA “fans” saying all of these dumb disrespectful comments I keep seeing everywhere is not helping at all. He wasn’t being cocky, he was trying to defeat him mentally, get him to come in and make a mistake and then capitalize on it like he does every time…unfortunately it didn’t work for him this time. He’s still the best fighter in the world and nobody has even came close to do what he has done and I’m praying that he comes back and looks better than ever and gets that belt back.

Rematch or not Anderson Silva is and always will be the greatest fighter of our generation. If you’re a UFC fan and do not have an idea of what martial arts actually is and means I don’t care for your opinion. #AndersonSilva #UFC162