UFC 158
Jake Ellenberger VS. Nate Marquardt. What a KO. Jake stood up with him most of the time. Didn’t even take him down right away. Jake won by KO in the 1st round.
Co-Main Event Condit VS. Hendricks. What a Fight. Of course that won FOTN. Both guys went all out. Awesome/Great Fight. Hendricks won by decision.
The Main Event GSP VS. NIck Diaz. GSP won by decision. It wasn’t a great of a fight that I thought it was going to be. I was going for Diaz. Mostly everyone was going for GSP. Don’t get me wrong they are both great fighters. But Nick has been working his butt of for all these years and has not gotten the recognition that most fighters that have been in the sport for as long as he has. Yes he has a past that wasn’t good but he did make a lot of statements during the time promoting the fight. I really hope he does not retire. He “fought” to get this fight, he “fought” to get more recognition. I just think if he retires now, all of what he “fought” for would go to waste. I do think in the future he could get another title shot. I hope he does. But this is my opinion about what happened and what I think about Nick Diaz.