What an awesome fight!

Tim Elliot’s stock goes way the fuck up for me. That dude is really something. Hats off to Demetrius Johnson but honestly I think Tim Elliot wins the moral victory. And if anything this fight night card proved between the main and co main event that the flyweight division isn’t boring. We little guys are fun to watch. Loved every second of it.

Demetrious Johnson survives adversity early to defend his flyweight title for the 9th time.

Elliott said he was gonna come out and make it ugly and he did. Got MM in some deep submissions in the first including a guillotine and a D'Arce. Once that round came to an end though, Elliott ran out of solutions. Kept trying to scramble and wrestle with him but it resulted with Johnson staying on top for 20 minutes flowing from one submission lock to another. DJ had to have gone for like 3-4 different armbar attempts from the double wrist lock position.

Big performance from Elliott, def earned himself some fans but it was all Mighty Mouse from the 2nd round on. Avoided his Matt Serra moment.

Joe B wins an awesome yet woof-y split decision verdict

This feels like the first time in FOREVER Cejudo seemed comfortable on the feet. No pitter patter knees, no panic clinches or sloppy wrestling exchanges. Two high level flyweights duking it out on the feet and battling it out in the clinch. Cejudo’s knees were impactful and when he wet to the body, Benavidez felt it. Weird knockdown aside, Joe B looked fluid and explosive in his counters and his flurries. He still gets hit a lot (perhaps too much?) but that’s his style and his game. Amazing how long he’s been fighting at a high level without any serious let down in his game. Only losses are to Cruz and Mighty Mouse.