welp…. look who i made in MMD yep it is underfresh sans XD he still a wip i need to work on his eyes and make heeles for him and make a skate board for him the model is from http://www.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Undertale-Sans-v1-4-570773065 all i did was edit the colors and the hat and glasses are from http://www.deviantart.com/art/Underfresh-Sans-Cap-Glasses-DL-589605487 but i wanted to make a UF!Sans because of @loverofpiggies au’s lol next up is error sans when i get this guy done and then geno sans

Yeah I made a us!papyrus x uf!sans fanfic based on that uf!papyrus x us!sans fanfic((VVV))

And this qt @nopleasefortheloveofgod liked so much that she decided to make a fanart of it ;v;
Just showing you and I would love if you checked and shared what you thought about it
Good night ovo


Hey look it’s the Dreemurr family, I finally drew them!! ᕕ(*´・ヮ・)ᕗ 

Toriel never left Asgore in Underfell because she’s down with murdering children. All hail Queen Toriel.


Now look what you’ve all done! You got Carrie all flustered thinking about Gaster :v The poor bibi..

Thank you for the curious question! I still have a bit more to go through ((I wasn’t expecting so many asks @_@ )) But I will try to do a drawing response to as many as I can.
I feel I’m getting the hang of my art style and drawing UF!Gaster consistently, it’s still weird with certain poses tho =3=. I still suck at drawing character interaction with sexual themes, most notably biting and kissing.Hopefully I’ll get better and produce better content for you all~ For now, I hope these doodles will suffice ^v^

Though dang- @ninekat ask kinda took the whole cake~ HoooO~ Way to make me sweat, girl! It’s no wonder she rocks at fanfics ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Go give em a read~

anonymous asked:

Your UF Sans is SO BIG! Can we see him manhandling someone smaller? Throwing his weight around, being really strong, looming overwhelmingly tall, and just being a generally sexy son of a bitch? Hell, I don't care if he's fucking an anon or hugging them against their will--I'd just love to see him throwing one around. Thanks!

“Sorry Blueberry, you were the first thing I grabbed.”

That’s okay, I the Magnificent Sans already forgave you.”

(Underswap Sans is only 5″5 - lol I’m like 5′1)



Film by Volodimer.
Berlin 2013, 2015.
Thanks to Farych, Kvadrat, Bsos, Igit, Moga, Tarot.