Bar Kogi, NYC

I’m always on the hunt for good fried chicken, so when some friends of ours said they’d heard about a new place doing killer Korean wings on the Upper West Side, we crossed town and traveled north… to Bar Kogi!

As soon as I walked in, I knew I’d been there before; it used to be the UES location of Bonchon Chicken. Now rebranded and under new ownership, Bar Kogi is making much better Korean-style fried chicken wings than its predecessor!

We started with their tasty Bulgogi Nachos…

Just wish these had had fewer mushrooms.

Our first order of wings was half Soy Garlic and half Hot & Spicy…

Easily some of the best Korean chicken I’ve had in NYC! Super crispy and perfectly sauced with a wonderful balance of flavor in both sauces!!

So we ordered thirty more!

This time we went with half Soy Garlic and half Salt & Pepper.

The Salt & Pepper wings actually turned out to be my favorite of the three! They’re served with a gochujang sauce on the side, if you like a little extra heat, and it paired perfectly with the preparation of this chicken.

When we saw they had Korean Chicken with Kimchi Waffles on the menu, we knew we couldn’t leave without trying an order…

This dish actually tasted more Southern than Korean. The waffle needed a bit more heat as I felt it lacked the punch one would expect from a “kimchi waffle”. And it was interesting to note that it was served with two Korean chicken legs and three battered breast pieces, almost like chicken fingers. The chicken was great, but lacked heat, so some extra gochujang saved the day here.

Their three styles of housemade kimchi were all excellent!

Bar Kogi also has a great happy hour, with $1 shots, $2 bottles of beer, $6 pitchers and great deal on soju and makkeolli!

While a few of their fusion dishes need a bit more tinkering, by sticking to their Korean roots with the chicken, Bar Koji is serving some of the best wings in the city!


957 2nd Ave.

NY, NY 10022