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Philipp Lahm, Full Back/Defensive Midfielder, considered by many to be one of the best full backs of his generation, and was included in the World Cup team of the tournament in 2006, 2010, and 2014, and the UEFA Team of the Tournament in 2008 and 2012 and in the UEFA Team of the Year 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Although Lahm is right-footed, he is able to play on both sides of the pitch, due to his tactical intelligence and versatility. He often cuts from the flank to the inside of the pitch to either shoot and/or pass. In particular, he is renowned for his pace, technique, stamina, and precise tackling abilities, as well as his small stature, which earned him the nickname the “Magic Dwarf”.


Not A Bad Thing (X) (Paulo Dybala Imagine)

To be honest, you hated Paulo’s girlfriends. Every single last one of them. Every time, he’d bring some alluring, blonde, 20-year-old fashion blogger home, you knew the eventual outcome. He’d have them spend the night, only to end their ephemeral relationship, with an obligatory thanks-for-the-sex text. Nethertheless, you acquiesced to meeting him and his new “girlfriend” for lunch in between two of your most hard classes for the day, Advanced Bankruptcy and Administrative Law.

“Y/n,” he cheered ebulliently, while the hazel eyes you had known all your life glistened in the daylight. “This is Patricia,” he claimed gesturing to the beach blonde, blue-eyed, girl accompanying him with the most palpable silicone breast implants you had ever seen in your life. Patricia eyes narrowed, shooting you looks of disgust, as your gaze perseverated over to Paulo’s. “Be nice,” Paulo pleadingly mouthed, causing you to agonizingly smile, as you managed to put forth your hand for a courteous handshake, which she kindly rejected. As you all took your seats, Paulo began effervescently chatting as you counted down the minutes, scratch that, the seconds until this lunch was over. ‘Okay, so you had completed 5 minutes, that was one twelfth of the way there, in another five minutes, you were going to be finishing one sixth of the lunch.’ It’s not that you hated spending time with Paulo. In fact, you loved every fugacious yet memorable minute you had with him. The way his vivacious eyes rolled back in laughter at your every remark, to the way you two would sing in the car, at the top of your lungs, to your favorite childhood songs, he was your everything. You had learned though, that those feelings were never going to be mutual, and lunch today was going to prove just that.

“She is the most important girl in my life right now,” Paulo chimed in to Patricia, “So it would mean a lot if you two were on good terms.”

Patricia scrunched up her nose, and bitterly whined, “But I thought I was the most important girl in your life, Paulie-bear”

Your forbearance dissipated as the term “Paulie-bear,” came out of Patricia’s mouth. Choking on your water, you began conspicuously dying of laughter, as you felt “Paulie-Bear’s” leg kick you underneath the table. “It’s just, me and her have been friends since the time we could walk,” Paulo rationed, “and now that we’ve gotten older, and she’s going to be some big, hotshot, lawyer, we barely get to spend time together.”

You offered Paulo a smile, as your eyes scanned the room. Coincidentally, your Administrative Law professor, an extremely successful man in his early thirties, made eye contact with you, as you hesitantly bit the flesh on your bottom lip and shyly smiled at him. Paulo studied your gaze quizzically, and instinctively whipped around as your professor abandoned his place in line, and sauntered over to your table.

“Professor Bianchi,” you greeted as you pushed your brunette locks past your shoulder, exposing your collar, “How are you, Sir?”

“Please,” he said warmly pulling you into a quick embrace, “Call me Steven.” “This student here, is perhaps the most bright undergrad I have ever met in my life,” he boasted causing Paulo to roll his eyes and calmly take a sip of his drink.

“Yep,” Paulo irritatingly affirmed, “She is pretty smart.” He took another sip of his drink, as the hazel depths of his eyes surveyed your professors suggestive body language and your nervousness.

“You know,” the man said, putting a hand firmly on your shoulder, “I was wondering if you would like to take part in an internship opportunity. Granted, you’d have to bear spending a lot of time with me,”

“Yeah, well she’s probably not interested,” Paulo interrupted cutting your Professor off, causing you to gape incredulously at him.

“I guess we’ll just have to talk more about it after class,” your professor annoyingly announced, hastily leaving the Cafe. As your server attentively came over to take your orders Paulo handed her 50 euros and thanked her for the service, although you all hadn’t actually gotten anything.

“Paulie, aren’t we going to get any lunch?” Patricia whined, subsequently causing Paulo to roll his eyes.

“No,” he retorted angrily, “Me and y/n have to talk.” “In private,” he added coldly, abandoning the fetching blonde while ushering you out of the Cafe’s exit by the palm of your hand.  

“Hey- um- Paulie Bear,” you angrily sneered at him as soon as you got outside, “You wanna tell me what the hell that was all about?”

“Just tell me,” he choked, “You’re not dating that perverted asshole.” He paced back and forth, before placing his hand protectively on your shoulder blades, his gaze locking onto yours.

“No,” you whispered, “But I don’t see why that even matters to you.” He let go of your shoulders and looked down at the ground. Never in his life had ever been more terrified than he was now.

Leaning down, he lifted up your head, placing a hand softly on your neck. This wasn’t how he wanted to tell you. He pressed his lips onto yours as you felt the burning flesh of his mouth on yours. “That’s why,” he whispered.