Well I mean he is dreaming, and more or less having a conversation with himself.

Also sometimes it’s good to talk things out =U

edit: What I was trying to explain was that he’s not exactly hearing a voice in his head. He’s asleep and having a weird heart to heart with himself. M’not sure if people got that. I may have phrased it weird ob


The plan was to do these little base-form icons for all the major NPCs, but I think I’m gonna stop with these five (tbh, part of that is because I’m not sure Jolanzo, Crusty Sean, and Sheldon would sell as well).

I’ll be offering these guys as pins, keychains, and stickers at AX this year! Really hope y’all like them as much as I do! I think Annie and Octavio are my favs. :U

EDIT: You can now purchase these as charms and/or pins from my Etsy!

I was also drawing a background for this once I finished her, but I got a serious attack of ‘fuck that’ and thus background will remain as a memory, not too long before I forget it. Would have been something halloween-esque

Anyways, I really fucking loved Zed’s design of Vix as a succubus and since it was one of the things I wanted to do there was a more than bright green light.

So, here :U

EDIT: sister image here :U