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We now have a poster for our show “YOUR AD HERE” with a headline slot from the brilliant sketch act Bad Bread! Bad Bread are a seasoned Edinburgh act who’ve received rave reviews across the board, including these snippets:

“A 60 minute sledgehammer set. If we were facing an impending apocalypse, I know who I’d want to spend my last laugh with”
–The Sunday Express

“The fringe as it should be!”

“The obvious comic chemistry oozes off the stage and filters into the crowd, who left with stitches in their sides and coos of ‘that was brilliant’.”
–Cream of the Fringe

All information regarding the night should be contained above, but feel free to drop us a question if you want to know anything else about the night or alternative ways to get tickets.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible, it’s going to be a great night, and all for a good cause - all money raised is going to UEA Nightline.


To open up our sketch writers’ meetings, we usually play a couple of rounds of a game called ‘consequences’. You write a character/famous person at the top of your paper, fold the paper, and then pass it on to the next person in the circle. You repeat this with a few more elements (more characters, location, dialogue, conclusion) and then everyone unfolds a sheet and reads out the story. They can range from the impossibly surreal to the eerily plausible, but here are a couple from this evening:

  • One day, a lollipop man and Penn & Teller met up at the London Eye. “Hey, didn’t I see you working at the hug factory?”, the lollipop man asked Penn & Teller. “Stop throwing pencils at me!“ they screamed in reply. And then upon realising they were merely fictional characters from a game of ‘consequences’ their reality imploded and they ceased to exist.
  • Sherlock and Winston Churchill decided to meet up in the catacombs beneath Paris. “Just put the revolver down. And then sit on me. SIT ON ME!” demanded Sherlock. “Shut up you incompetent fool!, yelled Churchill. This situation was of course resolved by bears. Lots of bears! Bears everywhere!!

As always, if you’re in the UEA/Norwich area and would like to join up and take part in our weekly routine of playing ‘consequences’ and then bouncing sketch ideas about, please do come along! We meet in UEA Congreation Hall room 01.12 at 5pm on Thursday evenings. Doesn’t matter how much/little experience you have, it would be great to see you.


Spoof UEA promotional video by UEA’s Comedy Society.

Well worth a watch, I’m in it for 4 seconds at the end.

(NB: Bear in mind this is a SPOOF. UEA is actually lovely :))

My apologies for the lack of colour/slightly low quality - hopefully someone more tech-savvy will come along and sort that - but this contains all you need to know about our upcoming ‘Night of Comedy’ in support of Stop the Traffik!

So, if you’re about next Thursday, please do come along… Rehearsals are well underway and I’m confident in saying this will be worth a watch. As always, get in contact if you would like an advance ticket and we’ll arrange for one to get to you, or feel free to buy one at the door on the night. Don’t forget, every bit of money raised goes straight to Stop the Traffik, so it’s all for a very good cause.

Here’s an ‘Oscar selfie’ we took tonight with Bad Bread.

Top row: Bips (Bad Bread), Harlock, Tom (Bad Bread), Ant (Bad Bread), me.
Bottom row: Simon, sister-of-Harlock, Keeley, Rachael, Silvia.

I’m incredibly relieved our half went ok - definitely an improvement on last year, and the feedback from the audience has been even more reassuring. Bad Bread of course were amazing. I knew I’d be impressed, but I’m especially happy my friends and housemates who came also seemed to enjoy them. Plus they were really lovely to us throughout the whole process.

A big thank you to everyone who came or offered support along the way, and watch this space for details of more shows and events that we’ll be doing in the near future!

UEA Headlights is proud to present A Night of Comedy, with all proceeds going to Stop the Traffik!

Thursday 21st November 2013
The Hive, UEA
7:30 pm (doors 7pm)
£3 (£2 adv.)

Our members will be showcasing their talent across a range of comedy styles, including:

  • Improv: ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ style comedy games, with a chance for the audience to get involved and throw out some suggestions.
  • Stand-up: a few short sets from some up-and-coming Headlights talent.
  • Sketches: not only will we be debuting a selection of brand-new sketches, the show headliner will be 'Half Beam’ - a truncated version of 'Full Beam’, our 'best of’ sketch show which premiered last month as part of the Norwich Fringe Festival to great success. It’s 'the best of’ our 'best of’, if you will!

Tickets can be obtained in advance in the following ways:

  • Next week we’ll set up a stall in The Hive where you can buy tickets. We’ll let you know what times this will be open as soon as possible.
  • We’ll be selling tickets at both the writers’ meetings (Thursdays) and weekly meetings (Fridays).
  • Tickets will also be sold on the door at the night.
  • Feel free to drop us a message here if you would like an advance ticket but can’t make it to The Hive or a meeting and I’m sure we can get a ticket to you!

It’d be great to see as many people as possible. It’s bound to be a really fun night: there’s lots going on, the bar will be open, and it’s really good value for a night out. And of course it’s all for a really good cause.

Norwich. This Sunday. Doors 7.30pm. FREE entry. I have the pleasure of running/booking this night. Lots of people (myself included) will be doing comedy at the inaugural ‘The Last Laugh’ comedy night at The Murderers. See what we did there? No? Ah. Any Murderers is right in the centre of town, and has surely one of the best selections of beer you can find. Come along! It’s FREE.

NORWICH (and people beyond who are for some weird reason willing to travel in especially for us). I’m going to be spending 5-10 minutes talking about fuck knows what at this tomorrow. It’s free entry, there’s tequila, Chris Joyce is headlining, and - bar me - every single act on this is reliably, excruciatingly funny. What more can you want?

And finally, in week 12, we held our second annual Winter Showcase. This year we were raising funds for UEA Headucate. The night consisted of a stand-up, brand new sketch material, and 

Sketch cast: Emma Hampton, Merlin Seller, Kieran Devlin, Kate Lawton, Tom Eagle

Sketches contributed by: Will Turner, Merlin Seller, Tom Eagle

Stand-up performances from: Nelson T Gombakomba Jr, Tomas Eagle, John Jewers, MC Fedor Tot

Improv players: Will Turner, Merlin Seller, Michael Champion, John Jewers, Victoria Rawlins, Andrew Stitt

Our first venture of the 2014-15 academic year was our second annual Norwich Fringe Festival show. This year, we retrospectively decided to name it ‘Admit One’ - for (hopefully) obvious reasons. It was half 'best of’ sketch material, half improv games, all performed by the cast as listed.

As always, a big thank you to everyone who came down to support us, to the Puppet Theatre staff for being so helpful, to UEA TV and Concrete for their coverage of the night and to the people at the Fringe for letting us do this.

Cast: Daniel Finch, Kate Lawton, Emma Hampton, Merlin Seller, Will Harragan, Michael Champion, Victoria Rawlins, Fedor Tot.



A big thank you to everyone who came along, and especially to Elliot, Keeley and Harlock for hosting, and of course to Will for masterminding the whole thing. Some more photos will follow in the next few posts - some of them take a lot of explaining, and that can’t really be done justice over Tumblr, so if you really want to know what it’s all about, make sure you come along next year!

Photos by Victoria Rawlins.

Norwich Comedy Events

By tomorrow we’ll have an as-extensive-as-possible list of comedy events happening in Norwich throughout November up on the blog for anyone’s who’s interested! But in the mean time, Norwich Playhouse have sent us some details regarding some Edinburgh fringe acts who are performing in Norwich early next year:

- ROB BECKETT - 30th Jan 2014
- DAVID BADDIEL - 12th - 13th Feb 2014
- DAVID O DOHERTY - 22nd-23rd Feb 2014
- THE HORNE SECTION - 1st March 2014
- AUSTENTACIOUS - 6th March 2014
- RICHARD HERRING - 15th March 2014
- RICH HALL’S HOEDOWN - 17th - 20th March 2014
- GARY DELANEY - 21st - 22nd March 2014

As far as I can see, booking links aren’t up yet, but watch this space! Like with most Norwich based comedy events, it’s probable that lots of Headlight-ers will be in attendance. So if you’re interested in coming to any of these shows, it’s often worth coming along to one of our meetings (or to the bar after the meetings), seeing who’s up to what, and tagging along!