uea headlights


Spoof UEA promotional video by UEA’s Comedy Society.

Well worth a watch, I’m in it for 4 seconds at the end.

(NB: Bear in mind this is a SPOOF. UEA is actually lovely :))

Norwich. This Sunday. Doors 7.30pm. FREE entry. I have the pleasure of running/booking this night. Lots of people (myself included) will be doing comedy at the inaugural ‘The Last Laugh’ comedy night at The Murderers. See what we did there? No? Ah. Any Murderers is right in the centre of town, and has surely one of the best selections of beer you can find. Come along! It’s FREE.

And finally, in week 12, we held our second annual Winter Showcase. This year we were raising funds for UEA Headucate. The night consisted of a stand-up, brand new sketch material, and 

Sketch cast: Emma Hampton, Merlin Seller, Kieran Devlin, Kate Lawton, Tom Eagle

Sketches contributed by: Will Turner, Merlin Seller, Tom Eagle

Stand-up performances from: Nelson T Gombakomba Jr, Tomas Eagle, John Jewers, MC Fedor Tot

Improv players: Will Turner, Merlin Seller, Michael Champion, John Jewers, Victoria Rawlins, Andrew Stitt

Our first venture of the 2014-15 academic year was our second annual Norwich Fringe Festival show. This year, we retrospectively decided to name it ‘Admit One’ - for (hopefully) obvious reasons. It was half 'best of’ sketch material, half improv games, all performed by the cast as listed.

As always, a big thank you to everyone who came down to support us, to the Puppet Theatre staff for being so helpful, to UEA TV and Concrete for their coverage of the night and to the people at the Fringe for letting us do this.

Cast: Daniel Finch, Kate Lawton, Emma Hampton, Merlin Seller, Will Harragan, Michael Champion, Victoria Rawlins, Fedor Tot.