Level design was the last thing I expected to do, but after struggling to find one for Faceless, I threw myself into it. Thankfully the Unreal Engine 4 is pretty user-friendly! During a short break from Faceless, I decided to remake the offices from the first three games inside the Unreal Engine 4, only using the assets I had access to. Since I’m also an administrator on the official FNaF FB page, I was able to ask the community to make some FNaF related children’s drawings for the project, and the results were incredible!

It was exciting to see my work being posted on Kotaku as well, although I must politely disagree with the author’s statement about the FNaF games not being pretty, I think they’re beautiful, and it wasn’t my intention to remake them to make it look “better”, but only to serve as a faithful adaptation by a genuine fan.

I came up with an idea a while back called “Forever at Freddy’s” - An endless night, leaderboard based game in which you must last as long as you can. You’d start by free-roaming around the office only, and you click on your chair whenever you’re ready to begin your shift. If you make it to 6am in say, the office from FNaF1, you unlock an “Exploration” mode in the main menu to be able to explore the whole Pizzeria safely. The same applies to the offices from FNaF2 and 3. But of course, this is only a conceptual idea! If it goes ahead, it’ll be after Faceless is complete, and at least we’ll have the foundation of the level design to work with!


My name is Zak Bagans 👨. I’ve never believed in ghosts 🚫👻 until I came face to face 💏 with one. So I set out on a quest 🚇🚅🚐 to capture 📸📽 what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews 🚫🙎🎥 following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff 👨 and our equipment tech Aaron Goodwin 👨. The three of us 👪 will travel 🗺🌐🕌🏯 to the some of most highly active paranormal locations 👻💀📿⬆🔝, where we will spend an entire night⛺🌃, being locked down from ⛼🌉dusk until dawn🌄🌇