Você está desacreditada em relação às pessoas pelo fato de uma delas ter ferido teus sentimentos te prometendo algo que não foi cumprido. Tudo bem, até aí eu até te entendo, só que você não percebe que quem prometeu me fazer feliz não foram essas pessoas. Foi você. E você se foi.

X-Files by Mark


These aren’t all of them, but my closer OCs! I will update it once i get more refs together
they don’t have a set age
Names sorted by placement:

<b>Jerrel</b> (m)
boy with smol antlers and red scarf
-more of an extrovert
-tries really hard
-is the loser of the gang

<b>Feara</b> (f)
yellow thing with giant ears
-looks 6 years younger than her age
-passive aggressive
-yells <b>a lot</b>
-watches a lot of TV
- is only nice to jerrel
-never involves herself

<b>Ketaah</b> (f)
Cool blue thing with weird bat
-the coolest
-doesn’t argue
-a lot like a mom but cooler
-talks really slow and soft with a deep voice
-good at calming people down

<b>ben</b> (m)
handicapped bear
-likes to pretend that his legs are perfectly fine
-ready to do anything dangerous
-doesn’t care
-loud, happy
-likes to risk his life
-tries to make everyone join his “adventures”

cool spotted thing with dyed hair
-stereotypical teen
-everyone had a crush on her at least once
-likes to make a scene
-snorts when laughing
-gets offended easily
-has a new boyfriend every 2 weeks


The hidden books in the jungle by marco18678