We got a call from Jaymo at GoPro saying that there is a huge mountain bike dirt jumping contest going down right here in Bend, Oregon. It ended up being a beautiful day with little wind and we got some killer aerial video with the XP2 Quadcopter and GoPro Hero2. Enjoy!

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UDUG edit from Nic Genovese. Scored some clips as did Boss and Jarrett. Pretty good time. Check out Visser stomping his flip cliff hanger, so clean! SMH 

UDUG 2013 is Happening

Didn’t know if this was supposed to be public or not but Jamie told Reece, myself and a handful of others a few weeks ago that UDUG will be happening again this year. Still unsure of when the actual date is but this is rad news. Very stoked for this ‘event’ as it is my favourite contest to date. YEHAW thanks Jamie!

EDIT: Jamie mentions it during the press release of him and Santa Cruz parting ways on PinkBike

[o] Tyler Orton.  

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The Rheeder Project: Episode 1

I really enjoyed this. Being at both UDUG and Jumpship riding with Brett really gave me an inside scoop on what he talks about. The part about him proving himself at Jumpship was spot on. I knew Brett was on some shit at UDUG and after he took that slam on the switch whip I was kinda just like, ‘fuck dude I just want him to do well.’ I could tell how motivated he was prior to the contest and knew how hard he had worked in the 'off season’. I couldn’t wait for him to put a run together and get what he deserved. Plus homie barspun a fire in the pitch black. (Listen for Ross’s stoke levels on his Iphone photo) Jumpship was one of the shadier courses ever but he made that stepup to berm to dish thing look like butter and held it down in all three runs. This video also didn’t show Brett being the first one on the barge digging in the rain like, 'yo like if we all just clear this out and run ply wood we could be riding in a couple hours’. Rumor has it he drinks Redbull and milk three times a day to stay on top of his game. 


Fogel at UDUG.