Don't Miss your Cue! || Kuniko & _____________

“I got this!”

Camera out? Check. 

…Camera turned on? Oh thank God, check.

Aaaand film commence!

“Greetings everyone! This is your film club president Kuniko Hirota here, coming to you live from Saint PigeoNations Academy! Do you think it’ll be possible for me to get something of worth this time around?”

Since, you know…Last time was a bust. And the time before that….And the time befo– Well you get the idea. Kuniko certainly did, and the little robin gave a short chirp of determination before turning her camera on the nearest (cute) guy.

“Hey hey! You! Interview time, let’s do it!" 

Maximo Pontus, The Soldier of Order and the Sea

He’s totally vikingesque Berserker yeahhh

It’s for Tim, for his birhday~~

I hope you like it Tim *^*

Thanks so much to Ray who helped me out buttloads with the anatomy you’re gr10

I forgot to mention???

He has an axe at his side and also

he uses gloves with nails made out of a fantasy material that’s similar in weight and strength as titanium or somethin really awesome so we’ll just say it’s mythril

okay and then because he’s a penguin he doesn’t really get cold very much so yeah

but yeah for dyed fur!

Weary soul;

Oh? A penguin? How strange. Why was a penguin of all things, here? Oh well, not her problem. Sitting heavily on the bench, she lets out a long sigh, eyes closed. Today had been a long, long day. She needed some kind of rest. Hopefully she wont be disturbed.

Is that a tree or...?||@udoritosbro

Finally, after a few long months,summer was beginning to pass and winter was on it’s way. At this time of year our little quail enjoyed spending time outside to watch the leaves change color on the trees. Although he knew the process that had caused this to happen, it still very much intrigued him, but that was Yukio for you. Curious about everything, wanting to learn every little bit of information that there was to know out there on the vast planet earth.

So there he was in the cool fall/winter weather, notepad in hand, drawing all the different types of trees and the leaves they bear or at least the few they had left on them. There were so many different kinds and in so many different colors. Red, orange, green, black, blue… wait. What?

oh. it was only another birdie in his view. A…A rather tall birdie. A small squeak was heard from the quail. He had so many questions in his mind. How did he get so tall? Were his parents as tall as he was? If he had siblings were they also really tall? How does he get through a doorway? Does he need to bend himself a bit? As much as he wanted to speak the tiny quail looked up at the other who towered over him staying completely silent. Well, aside from the air that was escaping without any words to accompany the small huffs.

“Good god…. Y-your tall…. It’s… quite impressive.” He finally managed to speak his eyes widened almost appearing to pop out of his eyelids.

Little Mac Blue

Now this, this one was an admirable adversary! Nay, adversary wasn’t quite the word, was it? Acquaintance, no not… he could not be as such when he had not even spoken a single syllable to the penguin. Should he change that? Yes, he should! If speaking in rhyme counted!

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,
The sheep’s in the meadow the cow’s in the corn.
But where’s the boy who looks after the sheep?
He’s under a haystack fast asleep.
Will you wake him? No, not I - for if I do, he’s sure to cry