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The Chaos Shrine is evil.


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Not yet, it’ll be out in Japan next spring, so expect the English release at least around summer/fall 2014.

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Is that game any good? I was worried that it would suck when it came out.

I really think so. It’s simple addictive fun and it really doesn’t take itself too seriously, and something like that is always welcome. It’s just a love letter to the series’ music, and it’s executed quite nicely. I’m borrowing my friend’s copy because I could never pull the spare change together to buy it myself. Like I said above, a new one, Curtain Call, is coming out next year that includes all the paid DLC songs and characters for the first game and a whole bunch of new features, so if you wanna try it out I’d suggest borrowing a friend’s copy and wait until Curtain Call if you end up liking it.

Uematsu really seemed to enjoy the game also, so if you’re gonna take anyone’s word for it it might as well be his

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Villingen, 31

  • 31: Theatre AU (theatre kids/university theatre department AU, professional theatre AU, community theatre AU, techies AU, local Rocky Horror shadow cast AU, investigating a ghost story in a haunted theatre AU, whatever you want, these are just some ideas)
Here I think the Techies AU fits best where Villingen is an executive producer or backer and owner of the theatre itself but gets heavily invested in the productions that are put on there. The other mainframes would all be backstage techs or working other aspects of the theatre. He gains a reputation for having excellent staffing and technical know how, and productions are eager to exhibit there. The only complaints are regarding Neldus, the really standoffish prop maker. And the assumption here is that he and the other mainframes are human for this AU.

If you consider getting lost for a few hours and and making gay gutter inside weeb ur mom jokes in front of your senpai’s mom fun, then yes, indeed. What a great start(!). 10/10 would recommend when meeting ur senpai’s parent.

FaIL TH-thANKS…. //weeps my confidence levels have been fluctuating for as long as I’ve had it. You see my dad called me Miley Cyrus when he saw it and then my mum started calling me rihanna but soon switched to Adolf Hitler.

Oddly enough, my boss loved it.



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Gather as many chickens as possible in a pit then blow them up with tnt.

here’s last weeks design challenge thing, was asking udonbullets what kinda monster guy to do next, and he said merman! But.. I don’t think he expected something like this? hahaha. Wanted to do something a little more scary-ish?

I’ll post this week’s after I finish my paintings I think? Unless I work on it now I dunno.