udon noodles and tofu

Big, warm bowl of tofu and veggie udon noodles for dinner.

To make the udon:
Fry some firm tofu in a non-stick pan and flip it on all sides, until the surfaces get golden-brown. Add chopped onion and garlic, and sauté. Next, add any veggies of your choice. I added bean sprouts, mushrooms, cabbage and sliced carrots. In a separate pot, cook noodles according to package instructions. While the noodles are cooking, make the sauce by combining 1 tbsp tahini, 1/3 tbsp miso paste, 1 tsp lemon juice and some warm water to thin it out. When the noodles are done, toss the noodles with the veggie-tofu mix, then pour the sauce over. Add about 1tbsp soy sauce and toss everything well to combine. I added some kale at this stage and let that wilt for a minute. Top it with dried seaweed and sesame seeds. Enjoy!

ietij  asked:

good lean vegan meal ideas?! (sorry I'm sure you get this question asked a lot but I had to ask) love you!x

not really sure what lean is asking for but I’m going to assume you mean some good ‘healthy’ (which to me means holistic-plantbased) meals :)

  • coconut veggie curry - vegetables of choice and lentils/beans/grains of choice cooked in a can of coconut milk or cream (or bottled coconut milk) with a ton of curry powder - service with fresh brown/white jasmine or basmati rice, rotis, naan, papadums, spinach/salad, coriander etc. 
  • spaghetti bolognese - veggies of choice & (optional) vegan mock meat/mince cooked in canned tomato and/or a jar of pasta sauce, basil, Italian herbs, garlic, pepper - served with pasta of choice and greens
  • veggie pizza - buy a pre-made pizza base (make sure its vegan) top it with a tomato based sauce, veggies of choice, (optional) vegan cheese, (optional) lentils/beans/mockmeat/etc & add some avocado after its cooked
  • wholesome salad - veggies of choice, lentils, beans, grains (e.g. rice, millet, quinoa), dressing
  • asian soup - miso paste, boiling water, veggies of choice/asian greens (e.g. bok choy, gai lan), knob of ginger, noodles of choice (e.g. udon, rice), (optional) tofu, wakame
  • asian rice bowl - veggies of choice, rice, salad, seaweed, edamame, sesame seeds, drizzle of sesame oil & tamari/soy/shoyu sauce
  • mexican rice bowl - tomato rice (cooked with mexican herbs if you have any), beans, salsa, guacamole, extra veggies/salad of choice, cilantro, (optional) vegan sour cream (the brand Tofutti is amazing)
  • falafel wrap - wrap of choice, hummus, tomato, lettuce, tabbouleh, (optional) vegan yoghurt & falafels
  • pad thai - veggies of choice (I recommend asian veggies), tofu of choice (pre-marinated satay tofu or deep fried tofu is my favourite for this recipe), flat rice noodles & satay sauce (recipe here or buy pre-made)
  • stuffed sweet potato - whole baked sweet potatoes, stuffed with guacamole (avocado, finely chopped tomato, finely chopped red onion, coriander, lime juice & pepper) & a side of salad/veggies or stuff your sweet potato with mexican tomato rice or quinoa or better yet, both!
  • avocado mushroom toast - toasted bread of choice, guacamole (as listed in the previous recipe) & sautéed  mushrooms with spinach, tomatoes & any other desired veggies (I like to saute mine in maple syrup as opposed to oil, & if you have it vegan Worcestershire & a touch of tomato pasta sauce is lovely) + if you like baked beans this could also do well in addition
  • smoothie bowl - thick smoothie (e.g. frozen bananas, frozen mangoes, maple syrup & dairy-free milk) topped with desired toppings (muesli/cereal, fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut etc)
  • protein smoothie bowl - instead of or in addition to using frozen bananas/fruit to create the creamy texture to your smoothie your going to use frozen silken tofu as your base (sounds gross but you don’t even taste it when you’ve add other flavours, so give it a chance), then you can add whatever flavouring you like such as fruit (e.g. berries, banana, mango, papaya), chocolate (cacao with maple syrup or pre-made chocolate sauce), vanilla (vanilla dairy-free milk, vanilla essence, sweetener of choice) etc & then toppings of choice 
  • fruit salad
  • shepherds pie - veggie bolognese as listed above placed in a deep dish pan & topped with mashed potato (can be plain potato or mashed with dairy-free milk/margarine/cream) then baked!
  • porridge/oatmeal - oats cooked in water and/or dairy-free milk of choice, mashed bananas, grated apple, dried fruit of choice, seeds/nuts & any other toppings you desire (e.g. fruit, cereal/muesli, desiccated coconut, more milk etc)
  • chocolate chia pudding - chia seeds soaked in rice milk (or dairy-free milk of choice - coconut cream is also lovely), cacao to taste, maple syrup & toppings of choice

xxxxxx much love