So i just saw here on tumblr the word Udoli and did a quick research,to find out there is a fashion culture attached to it!

It is aparently some kind of combination between Japanese gyaru and traditional african princesses,giving it an ethnic touch that is quite enjoyable.Udoli are black girls who created a lifestyle based on looking like a Wealthy African Doll.They mostly wear Fur, Cheetah Print Material, Lots of Gold and Diamonds. “(acording to Urban Dictionary)

a girl called Jochan ViVi Miekayo appears frequently referred to as the the creator of this trend.

It is also very inspired by japanese street styles,but is also related to korean concept “ulzzang” that is related to pretty faces.

Many Udoli girls or “black dolls” need to know about their african origins and culture,and from here we see how the basic Udoli spreads into a bunch of sub-styles (as in gyaru) but inspired by african and caribbean culture:

Xuba- wild and colorful 
Insikamuntu- animal person 
Amahle- Uber tribal doll 
Bachiko- Royalty doll 
Lulamtoti- sweet and simple doll 
Mandla- bad ass

As long as i have more information,i´ll let you know.There´s probably hundreds of you out there that know more than me so please,please help me out in this one XD I love when ethnic and cultural references gets mixed with fashion.I wish we had more gaucho inspired modern trends here in Argentina,or maybe some tribal inspiration based on mapuche and tehuelche people.

Since i have a grandmother with mapuce roots,she is deeply interested in this culture and she even took me to some small ceremonies and gave me some simbolic ornaments,like the coloured belts that simbolizes nature elements.I have combined them with my daily clothes many times,and when its done well (this means,respectfully for the original culture) looks fantastic.

oh,im out of subject again.

So,if there is any Udoli girls out there i´d love to get some help from ya.

Sneak peak¸.•*¨`* ✩
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