This past weekend we went mountain biking with the UD outdoors club! Not gonna lie it was kinda scary and totally out of my comfort zone.  But I am proud to report that I didn’t fall off the bike and I didn’t run into a tree.  I did however almost collide with a nice couple running the trail, but no one was hurt so all in all I think it was a success!! I can’t wait for the next trip, I know this semester they are also going rock climbing, white water rafting and kayaking!

The last few weeks have had some stresses and I needed a major detox from college life. So this weekend I went on a two night camping/ hiking trip with UDOC (a club on campus) to Old Rag Mountain in Virginia. It was absolutely amazing! Although within the first 15 minutes of hiking I was completely out of breath (and quickly realized completely out of shape), it made it that much more rewarding when we made it to the peak. After a few hours heading back down from one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen, a crazy rock scramble and yet another steep hike back to the campsite, we set up tents, ate dinner and attempted to knock out for the night. The ony thing that kept me from falling in to a deep coma was the constant fear of an impending bear attack. Luckily, I was not eaten by any wild animals and had a fantastic time!

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