So this weekend when I was with my family, my cousin(who is the only family member that I’m completely out with)was over. We played a game where we just said really gay things around my dad. I honestly wanted to test out the waters and see how he handled it. I was pleasantly surprised. While I remarked on hot women all weekend and at one point said, “I’d hit that.” My father just seemed a little thrown off and replied, “me too.”

I have a reblog, not a blog.

Honestly, I rarely write (type?) anything on Tumblr. I feel that people really don’t care to hear (read?) what I say and I should just save it for Twitter and Facebook. But I have to be so conservative on those sites. Too many people I know are on Facebook and what is 140 characters gonna do for me?

So on occasions, I’ll type up a little something, so that my “blog” can genuinely be a blog. I know that people don’t care to read anything of what I’m saying, but sometimes it’s good to document your thoughts in some type of way.

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