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Photograph by : Kamil Sharaidin

Below are the details of the book for your reference;
1. This book is my personal photos/pictures collection since 2005 – 2010. Therefore I have decided to produce it so as to share the best and lightest moment of photography from my perspective.

2. This collection is of travel documentaries and weddings.

3. The travel documentaries cover up countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

4. On weddings, those photos presented are the best pieces taken and captured; where readers can fully enjoy the Details, Moment and Portrait sections and consider as their references.

5. Each pictures included with information to all readers.

6. Each and every picture is provided with information for readers’ reference.

7. In addition, this book contains ‘Pre-Visual & Creativity Photography’.

8. Every note written is based on my travelling and photography experiences as well as tips for those who are into photography; on how to get your creativity excellently applied plus how to think and plan each and every shot.

9. The book contains 100 pages.

• RM 100 – Peninsular Malaysia (without postage fee)
• RM 110 – East Malaysia (without postage fee)

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The Reception of Khairil Ahmad & Dayang Dayana on Flickr.

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