Day 302 - Udeppou | ウデッポウ | Clauncher

It fires highly pressurized jets of water from the chamber in its massive claw. They are encumbered at first because of Udeppou’s asymmetrical development but quickly learn to move with ease.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day. This is an homage to Day 236 - Clawitzer | Bloster seen here)

(692 / 721)

Kindaichi: Tomorrow’s world history quiz is gonna be hard…
Kunimi: Memorization is a pain
Kunimi: Well, when you compare it to remembering over 700 types of Pokemon, it’s not that big a deal though
Kindaichi: No, but me remembering all the Pokemon is a little dicey too
Kunimi: Seriously? Well, it can get confusing with Pokemon like Swoobat and Zubat…
Kindaichi: …yeah…