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Are there any books you would recommend for someone who is familiar with the basic tenants of behavior and enrichment and wants to go further? Or any books at all, really. I searched and checked the website but couldn't find any books in particular, just the academic publications (which are still pretty awesome tbh). I would also like to know if you've read Animal Cognition by Clive Wynne and Monique Udell, just out of curiosity. Thank you for all you do <3

There aren’t a ton on specific enrichment devices because it’s really a practical skill that gets taught in animal management fields more than something people publish on. 

It depends what you’re looking for, really. If you’re interested in exotics the AZA animal care manuals contain information about enriching specific taxa (the list is kind of short right now because it’s a newer effort to compile them, so many are in progress). I’ve honestly found online discussions to be the best source for ideas on pet enrichment. 

Even looking at my fairly ridiculous bookshelves I don’t see any texts on enrichment theory. If you’re more looking for theory, read up on the different sensory adaptations of various species, since those are what good enrichment utilizes. 

I don’t think I’ve read that specific book, but I know I’ve cited Wynne a lot for research I did in college. 


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