Happy Radical Mother's Day

For some years, radical Protestant women had been agitating for a national Mother’s Day hoping that it would further a progressive political agenda that favored issues related to women’s lives. In the late 19th century, Julia Ward Howe (better know for the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”) expressed this hope in her 1870 prose-poem, “A Mother’s Day Proclamation” calling women to pacifism and political resistance

Although I’ve never seen it on a pastel flowered greeting card, Mother’s Day honors a progressive feminist, inclusive, non-violent vision for world community – born in the imagination of women who devoted themselves to God, not Caesar.

Source: The Radical History of Mother’s Day

A Muslimah's Perspective: Islam and Feminism

Join us on Wednesday, June 5th 5-7pm at the Women’s Center as we discuss Islam and Feminism 

What’s so problematic and imperialist about FEMEN’s attempts to LIBERATE Muslim women?

Consider this: 

How do Muslim women themselves define their OWN liberation and perceive feminism within the practice of Islam?
Join us as we deconstruct stereotypes associated with the identity of Muslim women, as a panel of Muslim identified feminists shares their personal narratives, allowing us to understand how Islam intersects with their identity as feminists. 

This is an open space for all those interested in this conversation. We encourage all those who are interested in this topic to attend.

Refreshments will be provided along with the comfort of enlightening conversations.

Any questions/concerns/comments, please contact us at: women@ucsd.edu

Talk SEXssion: (Re)Defining Sex 

April 17, 2013 at 5:00 pm at the Women’s Center

Through art and dialogue, the event aims to (re)define sex by challenging dominant ideas about sexual practices, gender, and sexual identity. Furthermore the event will be breaking down the idea that sex is a taboo thing to talk about or practice outside of expected purposes. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk about a taboo topic and the opportunity to (re)define sex by reflecting on, sharing, and listening to personal experiences.

Snacks will be provided! 

Join our weekly GENDER BUFFET

 Media Matters

When: 2 part program:  (Every) FRIDAY: November 2 & November  9

Time: Both at 12:00pm-1:30 pm

Anything on telly that’s been bothering you lately? Like why can’t Korra have a relationship? And why did Glee have to have to have that problematic character? Or do that thing? And stereotypes? Come to Gender Buffet for this two part series! The first will primarily focus on race, gender, and orientation and the second, mostly on parenting roles and orientation.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion/see a specific scene discussed, please email Re: Gender Buffet a youtube link or post the link on the Facebook Event “Gender Buffet: Media Matters” before Friday.

Snacks  and caffeine will be provided. The WC is located right above Hi Thai.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the WC at women@ucsd.edu or call at (858) 822-0074.

Gender Buffets are a weekly event brought to you by the Women’s Center. Join us in our weekly discussion & dialogue about social justice issues! 12pm-1:30pm at the Women’s Center! 


Finally Pictures Of Gorgeous Women That Make You Feel Better About Yourself Instead of Worse


Build a Room for YOUR Unique Narrative

Fiction and academia are the two ways that ensure that narratives continue to be told. These narratives influence the way we think about our own realities, our lives outside of media and the classroom. One of these mediums is more pervasive and one is more persuasive and both of them are dominated by constant narratives of the kyriarchy in play, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I do not have to be a passive part of this system; I can break it down from the inside. By continuing to engage in conversation—even if it is slow going, even if I have to shout—I too can carve that new space in the world. Remind the world that I exist. The only way to have a story is to tell it.

Let me end this triumphantly: Make work. Do work. Read lots. Write more. Don’t stop talking. Don’t leave. You can’t change something without staying, even if it’s hard, even if it hurts. This is how I am going to build a room for brown girls; this is a way we can

Source: The Ivory Tower Doesn’t Yet Have a Room for Brown Colors: By Larissa

The Full Story

ABREAST Magazine: Call for Submissions!

Interested in expressing your creativity, reflecting on the 2012 election,
and having your work published in a quarterly social justice magazine? The
UCSD Women’s Center is looking for submissions for the Fall issue of its
ABREAST magazine. The theme for Fall quarter is The Body is Not an
Apology: Women’s Healthcare in 2012 Post-Election United States. The theme is
open to your interpretation. Submissions in the past have taken the form of artwork,
poetry, photography, written Op-Ed columns, film and book reviews, diagrams,
and charts, but we love all forms of expression. Please email edited
submissions to women@ucsd.edu by Thursday, November 1st,
with “newsletter” in the subject line, or stop by the Women’s
Center located in the Original Student Center.