This month’s Member Spotlight is on Joren Libunao! 

Year: 3rd
Major: Management Science (Business Minor)
College: Sixth
Family: Little Red Hoodratz
Hometown: West Hills, CA

What was the best thing that happened to you the last month?
District Convention at Woodland Hills was probably the best thing that happened to me in the last month. I had so much on my plate with the District Awards Committee, co-hosting the VPS workshop, and running for LTG, and I pulled my second all-nighter ever (the first being at Fall Training Conference). It was hands-down a super stressful weekend but also a very rewarding and exciting one.

What was your favorite service event that you went to in the last month?
On one of the Tuesdays of Reality Changers, it was a speech night, and oh my god their speeches were so touching and inspiring I almost cried. It made me really happy that I came out to help tutor these kids and to help guide them through the college process. My love for RC was reignited <3

Why do you serve?
I serve because I love making people feel better or making them happy in whatever way I can. At the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

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The lei fundraiser for disaster relief in Nepal is still going strong? You better BE-LEI-VE it!  Oh boy..

Help us table and sell leis, manage pre-orders, and deliver orders on campus! You’ll get hours and some great company.

When: Tomorrow and Friday (5/28-29), 10a - 2p
Where: Library Walk

Hope to see you there, and keep spreading the word about our collaborative fundraiser with Alpha Phi Omega, Tritons for Unicef, and Red Cross! All links are on our calendar.

** Although only five types of leis are pictured, we will also sell Revelle (dark blue+white) and UCSD (navy+gold) leis!