You’re the person that checks statistics. You’re the person that looks at life mathematically. You believe in what’s logical, what’s probable, and what’s possible because you base everything off what you were taught to know. But me; I am that variable. I am that faint glimpse of hope that still remains when your numbers say my existence is slim to none. I am that 0.01% that challenges and defies your mathematical world, your logic, your probabilities and possibilities. I am the unknown that you fear so deeply and the missing portion of your mathematical and scientific equation that numbers have not and cannot account for. I am the “Yes” where answers have been “No” I am the question “How?” because where people have questioned “Why?” I have asked “Why not?” I WANT so badly to succeed that my WANT has become a need. To all my UConnians getting ready for the opening kickoff of Thursday I wish you nothing but the best this season @blidiwrehwil5on @mruconn3 @joryjohnson28 @uconnfootball @uconnhuskies #UConnNuffSaid #BleedBlue #Football #UConnAlumni (Taken with Instagram)