WHAT the HELL UConn!?!?

“The University will propose a four-year plan to increase tuition and fees by between 6.25% and 6.75% each year over the next four years.  Room and board rates would increase by 3%, making the overall cost of attending UConn rise by between 4.2% and 4.6% each year.”

So it’s blizzarding and shit outside and Towers had shit for dinner so we got hungry and after a long debate about morality we finally decided to order Dominos and it’s been almost 2 hours and we made the driver a care package of cookies and chocolate and candy and made a card because we felt bad for endangering his life. I’m excited to give it to him.

That awkward moment when all the news outlets are drooling over Breanna when all you had to do was go to a game earlier in the season to see how good she was but because it’s UConn no one cares unless we beat another 1 seed in the tournament.