UConn women’s basketball coach on lack of female coaches: Women just don’t want to coach

  • Geno Auriemma coaches one of the most successful teams in women’s college basketball history: the University of Connecticut Huskies. 
  • But the skill with which he’s guided his female players to greatness seems not to have crossed over to respect for his female colleagues.
  • On Thursday, USA Today asked Auriemma about the shrinking number of female coaches heading up NCAA women’s basketball programs today.
  • “There’s a reason why there’s not as many opportunities for women,” Auriemma replied. “Not as many women want to coach. It’s quite simple.” Read more. (3/31/17, 12:12 PM)

Mississippi State Morgan William at the buzzer with the winning basket that takes down UConn 66-64 in OT. UConn’s historic 111-game winning streak comes to an end.

Mississippi State will face South Carolina Sunday night for the championship title. (3/31/17)

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