Crohn's Update

I went to the doctor today, which I been missing visits to see my doctor because of work and I was afraid of what she might say.

I have a very severe case of Crohn’s Disease. My doctors and I have been trying to fight my disease with various medications and regiments. My body has finally become  immune to a medicine called Remicade which has been helping me deal with Crohn’s from years now. 

My doctor told me that because of the severity of my disease I might have to lose my entire colon. She also explained to me that even after such a surgery  I will still have Crohn’s.

As of right now I am again on a string of new medication around about 10-13 pills a day again. Also my doctor wants to try out this new medicine call Cimizia which is a self medicated weekly shot. Hopefully this will work or I will have an ileostomy bag for the rest of my life.

I was going to tell people individually about this information, but I just dont see the need. And I just dont want to try and have the same convo over and over…..

I know there are some who want to know this information. I know there are some who simply dont care. I know some wont know what to say, or how to say it. I know there are some who wont know how to handle such information….

If there are any Questions, Concerns, or Anything. Just ask me. Please.

I’m okay, I will be okay. Am I worried, yes.
But we all have to live with the hand we are dealt

completely 100% serious miraculous ladybug au idea
  • ladybug is convinced by her fans to open an official tumblr blog
  • …co-modded by chat noir
  • long story short, he discoveres the #miraculust/#mlnsfw/#miraculousladybird tags
  • fills the queue with non-stop ladynoir smut
  • ladybug develops an ucler due to the stress of having to purify her blog from his tirade
  • the end

anonymous asked:

dan & phil just out there supporting the womens marches, literally causing me to get uclers,,,, its been fucking 5 years of my life and im so,,, damn,,, in love wjfh them

it’s been five years for me and im still so far up their asses i am blind as a mf!


Harley is back from the vet!

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, Harley is back safe and sound after having been treated for a burst ucler at the vet. We got her treatment in time for the internal bleeding, and she’s on an antibiotics regimen and has special food until she’s back to full strength.

My sister Rachel and I wanted to share this moment with all of you. Harley was a brave little pup and the vets didn’t want to discharge her because she was so sweet and friendly with them. She is a little upset about getting her leg shaved so they could put in the IV (as you can see in the first pic), but but its a small price to pay for coming home with her mommy. 

Thank you everyone,