WELL fuck..didn’t want to do this one but had to be a fair sport.. UCLA V SC one of the biggest sporting matches is played every year for the battle of Los Angeles. This year was suppose to be a great year, a trip to the title game after a dominate victory over SC. Feeling so confident you placed a few bets with some of the guys in the stands. Though there was one particular guy who bet his beach house and his lambo for a year. Though I in return would need to bet my girlfriend for a year. I was so sure I didn’t hesitate. My girlfriend scoffed and became upset that I would place such a stupid wager. Though how did I know the game would take a turn for the worse and the final score would be burnt into my mind for the next 365 days till I get her back. Occasionally I’ll receive pictures of her having fun or being intimate with the guy. Though lately she’s been sporting a SC jersey and kneeling with panties on underneath playing a video games in the living room of his beach house. Everyday she seems to be getting further and further into the role of his girlfriend. I think I bet my girlfriend away to the enemy.

Such a nice and fun afternoon with this group of people. Thank you all to driving down to my place to watch the game. Sadly our Bruins lost to the Trojans but it is a nice tradition to continue to watch the games together.🐻💙💛#uclaalumni #gobruins #8clap #uclavsusc (at My Home)