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R.I.P. Disney Imagineer Marty Sklar

THR reports: “Legendary Disney Imagineer Marty Sklar passed away in his Hollywood Hills home on Thursday. He was 83. Over a career that spanned 54 years, Sklar worked closely with Disney founder Walt Disney, helping him to shape and realize his creative vision and was integral to the development of Disney’s theme parks. 

“Born in New Brunswick, N.J., in 1934, Sklar’s career at Disney began 1955, while still in college, when he was recruited to create The Disneyland News paper for the recently opened Anaheim theme park. After graduating from UCLA in 1956, Sklar joined Disney full time and would work closely with the founder, scripting Walt Disney’s speeches and developing marketing materials for Walt Disney World and Epcot.

“Sklar would cement his Disney legacy by becoming the company’s top Imagineer, helping to create and develop theme parks around the world for over three decades. He supervised the design and construction of huge projects like Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris and was one of the few people at Disney to have attended the opening of all of the company’s parks, including Shanghai Disneyland last year.

“He retired as executive vice president and Imagineering ambassador on July 17, 2009, Disneyland’s 54th birthday. For his pivotal role in the history of the company, Sklar was named a Disney Legend in 2001.

“Sklar is survived by his wife of 60 years, Leah; son Howard and his wife, Katriina Koski-Sklar; grandchildren Gabriel and Hannah; daughter Leslie; and grandchildren Rachel and Jacob.”

Let’s close this post out with some inspiring advice from this great man:

“Curiosity is key – always ask the questions why, when, where, etc.”

“If you haven’t failed, you’re not doing anything new – you’re just copying what you did last time.”

“You must have a passion for excellence and a drive to top what you did last time.”

The shape of you, here and now

Birthday fic for you @ladypigswagon. I know, I know. I’m really late, sorry T.T.

Stiles sees things he shouldn’t, dreams things that are impossible, that will never happen, things that he thinks could happen but don’t.

He sees his mother proud at his graduation from UCLA (NYU, Harvard, Yale, many others), disappointed when he chooses to not go to college at all and just travel around, interned and hateful, gone. Sees his dad healthy, sick, proud, disappointed, angry, happy, gone. He sees them still married, divorced, with other people, mourning. Sometimes he doesn’t see them at all.

Every time he dreams, he finds himself immersed in a world that is his but at the same time not. Sometimes he has siblings, sometimes he hasn’t; Sometimes he’s popular, sometimes he’s not; Sometimes he’s young, sometimes he’s old; Sometimes he’s innocent and naive, sometimes he’s jaded and amoral.

He’s human, a vampire, a fae, a merman, a fallen angel, a mage, a werewolf and other creatures he doesn’t have a name for. He’s a student, a thief, a lawyer, a policeman, an assassin, a secret agent, a doctor, a hacker and many, many other things and sometimes he’s nothing at all. He’s gay, bi, het, trans, ace, aro, non binary; he’s divorced, married, single, dating or none of those.

But whatever Stiles is, there’s always one thing that never fails to be there with him in one capacity or another, and that invariably makes his life better in some way: Him.

Sometimes Stiles meets Him as a kid, sometimes as an adult. Sometimes Stiles is the adult and He is the child. Sometimes they’re both adults, sometimes they’re both children. Sometimes Stiles needs help, sometimes it’s the other way round. Sometimes neither of them needs help, sometimes both of them need it. Sometimes they’re dating, sometimes they’re married, sometimes they’re friends. Sometimes He takes Stiles in, sometimes Stiles raises Him.

But whatever -wherever, however, whoever- Stiles is and whatever -wherever, however, whoever- He is, they always love each other in one way or another.

Which is why when one morning Stiles -ten year old school boy, unpopular, still unsure about his sexuality but very sure of being a he, dead mother, alive-alcoholic-workaholic-mourning father, he reminds himself because sometimes he can’t remember who exactly he is when he has just been a could have been- wakes up to a newspaper with a front page about a fire with His face on it as the only survivor of those inside the house, he doesn’t even think twice about getting to the hospital and sneaking inside.

Peter. His name is Peter Hale.

The moment he manages to catch sight of Him, the dreams stop and Stiles doesn’t see things that he shouldn’t anymore.

(He doesn’t know how to feel about that.)

Stiles wonders if his Peter is something else. He’s seen him as a trickster, a vampire, a demon, a merman, a fallen angel and many things more, but more often than not, he was either human or a werewolf. It’s not that he particularly cares (Peter is his whichever the form or shape he comes in), but it would be really convenient if he was some type of being that had accelerated healing.

Stiles looks at Peter’s scarred face thoughtfully. It’s not that he cares about his appearance (for all he minds, he could be completely disfigured or mangled, he has been before… Stiles has been too), it’s that he he knows that it will be difficult for him and a constant reminder of what happened when he wakes up and plastic surgery only does so much.

And wake up he will no matter what the doctors say. Whether it is because of his dreams or because he has some kind of precognitive ability, he can’t tell, but Stiles just knows.

Something chimes at the end of the hallway and unconsciously he looks at the clock. He sighs sadly at what he sees. He hid inside a toilet until night came to be able to stay after visit hours because his dad has a night shift today and won’t notice him gone. However, if he wants to make it home before Stilinski senior does, he has to go now.

“See you later, Peter,” he murmurs before letting go of the man’s lax hand and slipping out.

Stiles wonders if all those other Stileses were real, if they too dreamt about him before finding their Peter.

(He misses it. Did they miss it too afterwards?)

Every day, at one point or another, Stiles makes his way to the hospital. Sometimes before school, sometimes right after, sometimes at night, but every single day without fail because he lives in fear of Peter waking up and finding himself alone.

Sometimes Stiles reads to him. He tries things that he thinks Peter would find interesting, things that other Peters liked, things that have words he struggles to pronounce and whose meaning he has to look up later to understand.

Sometimes he sings to him. He hums popular songs that he likes, lullabies that used to calm him as a little kid before everything changed, tunes that he comes up with on the spot.

Sometimes he talks to him about anything and everything. His dreams, his dad, his mother, his classes, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what he wishes that could be.

Sometimes he just sits there and holds Peter’s hand.

Peter finally wakes up at nearly 3am on the 24th of August. The man eyes him blank-faced and Stiles isn’t sure if he’s actually seeing him. He holds his breath, hoping that he recognizes him, that he has been seeing, dreaming things like Stiles. The moment is broken, though, when Stiles has to hide under the bed when a nurse appears and then has to beat a hasty retreat before the doctor on call comes too and finds the sheriff’s son where he shouldn’t be with a person he shouldn’t even know to begin with.

Back at home, he can’t sleep. He tosses and turns again and again until it’s a normal enough hour to justify being up on his summer vacation. Then he makes an excuse about seeing some friends that he doesn’t have and rushes to the hospital again.

He enters the room tentatively and finds Peter sitting in a wheelchair just by the open window. He veritably shakes with nerves, his heart jackrabitting in his chest so loud that he bets that even if his Peter is fully human, he can hear it.

Peter’s eyes are closed like many times before when Stiles stops by his side and his heart thunders even more, feeling a wet and cold sensation taking over him. No. Nononono.

“Peter?” he whimpers and gets no response. “Peter?” he tries again, desperate, and nothing.

Stiles cries.

Big fat tears slide down his cheeks as he shakes violently, trying to keep himself from sobbing out loud and attracting unwanted attention. It’s ok, he tells himself as he wipes his face, it’s ok. This changes nothing. He bites his lip and then takes deep shuddering breaths, hugging himself until he feels he can contain himself. Then, he takes off his packpack to take out Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks, which is the book he has been reading to Peter this week. As he does so, he reaches to squeeze his hand before starting to read.

I know. I was there. I saw the great void in your soul, and you saw-

“While I appreciate the effort, I hate that book,” a very raspy voice says and Stiles lets out a startled eep, said book flying forward and going out the window before he can stop it.

Stiles turns around in his seat very slowly, too scared to be hopeful. He’s greeted by the sight of a Peter that is fighting to keep awake, his eyes nearly half-lidded. Stiles swallows thickly, trying to remind himself that just because he is Peter’s, it doesn’t mean that Peter is Stiles’ yet, that he can’t just throw himself at the man and never let go.

“Well, it’s good that the possibility of continuing that just flew out the window then,” he pipes and Peter’s lips tug upwards minutely. “Hi, Peter.”

“Hello, Stiles.”

Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012) was an American political economist and the only woman to ever win the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences. Although she was rejected for a PhD in Economics at the UCLA she graduated with an MA in political science from the same institution, and three years later she accepted a professorship at Indiana University, where she had worked for most of her life. 

Ostrom is mostly known for her work in Economics, particularly how humans interact with the environment to create sustainable resource yields, and how common resources can be used effectively by people, rather than by governments or corporations. She received the Nobel Memorial Prize in 2009 “for her analysis of economic governance.”

Writing A Musical - Step Three

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

TW: Cursing

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Step Three: Solidify the Character Relationships

“Lin, how many times do I have to tell you to not come to my job unannounced?” You chuckled as he sheepishly stepped through the door frame.

“It’s important this time!”

“That’s what you said last week.”

It’d been a few months since you and Lin started collaborating for this musical. You’d met some of his other theatre friends, Tommy, Alex, and a few others. They all seemed excited, including Lin, but you could definitely tell Lin was being worn out.

He rarely slept, sometimes calling you at three in the morning to clarify a historical point. He was always writing and composing, and when he wasn’t, he was kicking himself for not doing so. You weren’t sure if he ate regularly. And, although you weren’t sure if it was intended, his hair was getting a bit long.

“Lin, when was the last time you ate?”

“This morning.”

“Oh.” You said. “That’s actually-”

“I think it was one.”

“Its two o'clock in the afternoon.”

“I will eat, Y/N, I swear. But I have a question.” He sat backwards in a student’s chair, leaning towards you intently. You crossed your arms as you saw his leg bouncing up at down. You could tell it must be important to the plot. He wouldn’t be so jumpy otherwise.

“I’ll only answer it if we go to the diner this evening so you can eat and take a break.”

“I don’t take breaks, Y/N. That’s like my signature thing-”

“Do you want an answer?”

He sighed and, knowing that you were just as stubborn as he was, nodded in agreement. “Okay fine.”

“You know I only pester you because I care more about your health than this project.” You stated, retrieving another pile of papers to grade. You plopped them on your desk and sighed as Lin nodded. “I know.” He answered. “I just, I can feel Hamilton breathing down my neck. He wants his story told, ya know?”

“And you can’t get it done if you can’t think straight.” You told him.

He nodded towards the stack of papers, “Need help?”

You looked at him, surprised. “What? With grading?”

“No, Sherlock, with washing your car.” He replied sarcastically. You scoffed, a laugh following after, and you handed him a paper. You knew that Lin couldn’t tell Mesopotamian Era from the Industrial Revolution as you spoke while he looked over the paper, “Okay, Mr. Sassy, grade it then.”

After a few minutes of him making faces and muttering (How do you even say that? That can’t be a word.), he gave up. “Look, I just know about the American Revolution. You’re asking too much.”

“I didn’t ask!” You laughed.

“Can I ask my question now?”

“I’m gonna repeat that I didn’t ask anything, but go ahead.”

“So, there’s this letter that Alexander wrote to Angelica.” He explained. “The comma letter I told you about?”

You recalled him texting you, ranting about this comma that Alexander ‘misplaced’. The English teacher in him just poured out of him at four in the morning. “I remember the sleep I lost over it.”

“But the comma, Y/N!”

“Honestly, if Alexander really felt that way, he would’ve just told her.” You shrugged. “You’ve read his letters to Eliza. To Laurens! His letters to Laurens are literally censored.”

“True, but I really wanna include the comma letter. This is a family show. I can’t exactly include Hamilton’s and Laurens’s R-rated content.” He chuckled. “Do you think it’ll work?”

“Well you do have Satisfied, so it makes sense.”

A few of your students started file in signaling the start of the next class. The girls stood near the door giggling and whispering, most likely about Lin. He looked back at them, making them giggle once more before scattering to their seats. As he noticed more kids starting to fill the room, he stood up. “Well, I guess I should let you start teaching, Ms. Y/L/N.”

“Don’t call me that.” You chuckled.

“I’ll see you later, yeah?”

“Four-thirty.” You demanded. “And if I see you with your satchel, I’m gonna throw it in a river.”

“Okay, okay, geez.” He laughed and said goodbye once more before leaving you to your class.

“So,” one of your students, EJ, started, “Is that the ‘hot date’ from a couple months ago?”

“He’s hot.” You heard one of the girl whisper.

“We are not dating.” You announced to the class. “Not that it’s any of your business. I’m helping him with a project.”

“Yeah, sure.” EJ said sarcastically.

You looked at him and chuckled, “Speaking of projects, let’s talk about yours.”

The class immediately erupted in groans, blaming EJ for the new assignment. The day went on slowly, but your students were coming in, asking about Lin. You wondered how they found out so quickly when one girl, Becca, told you, “Oh, there’s a group chat for everything, Ms. Y/L/N.”

After teaching your last lesson of the day, you were grading papers when a familiar face peeked into the classroom. “Knock knock.”

“Haley, oh my god!”

Haley was one of your old students. She did terribly in your class, but you got along with each other like sisters. You didn’t know what it was about her childish and comedic behavior, but after she graduated, you both kept in touch. She had just graduated from UCLA and was coming back to visit you.

“I thought you were in California.” You said as she pulled you into a hug.

“I flew back early for an interview.” She told you.

“An interview? You’re getting a real person job?”

“Funny.” She chuckled sarcastically. She sat on your desk and grinned at you, “I actually just got out of my interview, and I got the job.”

“That’s great! Where are you working?”


You let a little squeal and hugged her again. You were happy that she’d been successful in her academic career. When she left high school, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Now, she was going to start working straight out of college next fall.

“I’ve got some mandatory training classes to go through, but I will be the new AP Calculus in the fall.”

“I’m so proud of you, loser.” You grinned, ruffling her hair.

You lost track of time as you made her tell you every detail about her college life, relationships, and graduation. Soon, she was walking around the classroom, desperate to change the subject. “Enough about me, what’s up with you?” She asked.

“Same old, same old. Nothing’s changed.”

“Really,” She smirked, “Who’s this Lin everyone is talking about?”

You let out a groan as you leaned back in your chair. “Why does everybody think it’s a thing?”

Is it a thing?”

“It’s definitely not a thing.” You deadpanned. “I thought it would be a few months ago, but it’s not, and I’m over it.”

“Well,” Haley shrugged innocently, “Why can’t it be a thing?”

“He’s not looking for a thing. I’m helping him write a musical, and that’s that.” You explained.

She snorted as she tried to hold back a laugh, “You’re helping him write a musical?”

“About Alexander Hamilton.”

“And ya lost me.”

Suddenly, you remembered. Your head snapped to the clock, seeing that you were a half hour late. “Shit.” You stood up hastily. “Shit, shit, shit.”

Haley tried to slow you down as you started gathering your things. “Woah, are you okay?”

“I was supposed to be at the diner a half hour ago. And I have to stop at home to change, oh my god. I have to call Lin.” You said, pulling out your phone. You stood, tapping your foot as the phone rung. You huffed as it went to voicemail and didn’t bother leaving a message. You turned to Haley, “I will tell you everything later, but I really have to go.”

Before you could get out the door, she reached for your wrist. “Hey.” She said. She hesitated before speaking again. “You know you deserve to be happy, right?”

You were confused as to why she wanted to ask you such a meaningful question at that very moment, but you were in a rush. So you told her what she wanted to hear. “Yeah.” You nodded. “Of course.”

After your goodbyes, you raced home to change into something more relaxing. You knew Lin was never going to stop working, no matter how much you wanted him to take a break. So if he was going to work, you were, too. As soon as you slid off your pants, your phone started ringing. You knew Lin was probably wondering where you were, so you answered. “I’ll be there soon, Lin. I got held up.”

“Who’s Lin?”

You froze, one leg inside your joggers, “Dad?”

You were worried. Your father only called you to tell you bad news or to invite you to some stupid family affair. However, you always assumed the worst. “Is Brandon okay?”

“Your brother is fine. Just got into medical school, actually.” He responded proudly.

“That’s great.” You said, a small smile on your face. Your brother actually wanted to be a doctor, so you were happy for him. “Is it Mom?”

“We are all fine, Y/N.” Your dad stressed. “Are you going to answer my question?”

You put your phone on speaker before tossing it to the bed, “What question?”

He scoffed and started going on about how you never listen, which gave you plenty of time to get dressed. You let him drone on as you finished up, sliding a pair of shoes on your feet. “Dad,” You finally said, “Your question?”

“Who is Lin?”

“Oh, just this guy I’m supposed to be meeting at a diner. We’re-”

“So you’ve got a boyfriend now?”

You almost choked as you picked the phone back up. You never talked to your parents about your dating life, and they never bothered to ask. It was a silent, mutually unspoken topic. Your father wouldn’t mention it unless it had something to do with whatever he wanted. “Dad, he’s no-”

“That’s perfect, actually. You coming alone to all these family affairs was starting to get around.”

“So is this about a party?” You asked, attempting to change the subject.

“It’s not a party, dear, it’s a gala.” He corrected. You scoffed under your breath as he continued, “Your mother is hosting a gala for your old high school and it would be wonderful to have recent alumni there.”

“Then have Brandon go.”

“Brandon is starting medical school.” You could practically hear his condescending eye roll. “It has to be you. Oh, bring your boyfriend.”

“Dad, he’s-”

“It’s in two weeks. I’ll send you the details. And please, dear, make him wear a tux. Don’t make us a laughing stock.”

With that, your father hung up, leaving you to groan at nothing. He always did this; called you at the most inconvenient time to make you come to an event you cared nothing about and spend the night listening to them complain about your chosen profession. But this time, it was worse.

They were expecting you to bring someone.

You saw this happen all the time on TV, but you never it actually happened to real people. Yet, here you were, shuffling into the diner where Lin was already waiting (and working), trying to figure how to ask him to go with you to this godforsaken gala.

“You’re supposed to be taking a break.” You told him.

“That is something I’m physically incapable of.”

You gave a light chuckle and sat across from him as he started scribbling again. “What took so long? I was starting to think you stood me up.”

“I am so sorry about that.” You started. “A friend came to visit me at the school and I lost track of time. Then, I had to run home to change and my dad called-”

“Wait.” He stopped you. “Your dad called? Is everything okay?”

“Mostly.” You hesitated. You weren’t ready to ask him yet. You had no plan and you could not go into this blind. “Why do you ask?”

“He never calls unless something is wrong, right?”

“Or if he wants me to make an appearance at some family thing. You actually remembered that.” You said, a smile beginning to form on your lips.

“I can work and listen at the same time.” He grinned, pushing a stray hair from his face. “What thing does he want you to come to?”

You unconsciously began tapping your fingertips on the table, “My mom is donating money to my high school or something. Wants me to be there.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.”

You let out a nervous laugh before biting your lip, “You say that now.” You shook your head, hating that you couldn’t find a way to essentially ask him on a date. You didn’t want to give any wrong ideas. You didn’t expect anything from him. It was just one night that you needed to have him by your side, for support. “So,” You changed the subject, “What are you working on?”

“Uh,” Lin’s brow furrowed as you stared intently at his papers, avoiding looking him in the eye. “Just the Washington-Hamilton dynamic. ‘M thinking I want them to be more like father and son than general and soldier.”

“That’s good.” You commented.

“Yeah, that way,” He spoke slowly, glancing from your still tapping fingertips to your bottom lip that you had yet to stop biting, “When Washington pulls the General card, it has more effect.”

“That’s really great.” You said, almost passively. “That really emphasizes both-”

“What’s up with you?”

Your eyes finally met his. You were surprised to find you had his full attention, his pencils and paper long forgotten. You’d thought he was immersed in his work, giving you time to plan. “You’ve been tapping a hole into table and I’m pretty sure if you keep gnawing on your bottom lip like that, soon you’re only gonna have a top one.”

You didn’t realize Lin paid that much attention to your habits. It was nice to know he cared, even just a little.

“I’m fine.”


“Lin.” You groaned, your fingers at your temples. “Okay. I have to ask you something. And I’m nervous about it.”

“Don’t be.” He shrugged.

“Easier said than done.” You said, clasping your hands together. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes when the words just came flying from your lips. “Long story short, my dad thinks you’re my boyfriend and he wants you to come to the event with me.”

Lin looked taken aback. It seemed he was oblivious to the looks he received and the whispered comments about the two of you when you were together. Just about everyone, even people who didn’t know you, thought you were dating.

Lin might’ve considered the possibility of it months ago, but with a new musical in progress, he didn’t want to put you through the despair of being with a writer that was actually writing. He planned to ask you on a date after this whole writing a musical thing blew over, but you seemed less interested as time went on. So he graciously accepted your friendship. Something was better than nothing, after all.

“Suit or tux?”

“What?” You asked, leaning back in surprise. “Lin, you don’t have to.”

“I want to. I’m here for you. Even if it means going to this super sophisticated party.” He told you sincerely with a small smile on his face.

“It’s called gala, actually.” You correctly playfully as he chuckled. “And thank you.”

Step Three: Complete.

Imagine skipping class with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B! Oh God, I was going to wait till tomorrow but I’m just too excited! I’m really happy with how this one turned out. You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A) Enjoooooy! X

Burbank; that was where Chris took you after breakfast in the cute little corner bistro you loved so much. He took you all the way there to give you a tour of Marvel Studios as well as introduce you to some of the people from the industry you were dying to be apart of. He even managed to get you a quick meeting with the very busy Kevin Fiege, who- thanks to Chris- promised he’d give you a meeting when you graduated from UCLA; an offer to which you squealed at the second you thought Kevin was out of earshot. He wasn’t, and it explained why Chris Evans would go through so much trouble for a girl people said was, “just a fan he met an airport.” You were sweet and humble and passionate, and Kevin wouldn’t be surprised if months later he’d heard Chris ended up dating you. The two of you clearly had a lot of chemistry, and he wasn’t blind to the way Chris looked at you; it may have been subtle, but it was definitely a look of love.


A strange concept; love. It could either be the simplest of things, or the most complicated. Unfortunately for the two of you, it was the latter. Neither of you wanted to admit anything, due to fear of getting hurt. That was the thing about love, despite how wonderful it could make a person feel- there was also the chance of ruining an entire being. A wrong move, a poorly chosen word, bad timing- all of these were factors capable of tearing a soul in pieces.

Chris couldn’t do that to you, he couldn’t take away that light you carried despite how dark you thought you were. You were the kind of girl who still believed she could meet the love of her life in a coffee shop; who believed in love at first sight; who wanted to marry as soon as possible; who didn’t want to date casually; who was a hopeless romantic; who thought love was just like the movies. You had an incredibly innocent heart that he both wanted to force his way into, but also protect. He wanted you to have a lifetime of happiness, and he wasn’t yet sure if he could provide that for you. But God, he was starting to realize you were a girl he wasn’t going to get over easily. If he found out tomorrow you were going on a date with another man, he’d both be ecstatic and heartbroken.

Chris took his eyes off the road for a brief second to throw a glance your way. It’d been fifteen minutes since you got into the car, but you were still smiling at the pass hanging around your neck. He’d made it himself, and it had both your name and the phrase “VIP - Chris Evans’ Very Important Person” on it. You looked over at him as he turned back to the road, smiling when you saw him smile. You still couldn’t believe your luck; it’d been exactly forty-three days since you met Chris and you still couldn’t believe your luck. You woke with a smile on your face each morning- not just because of the ‘good morning’ texts he’d sent you, but because you woke knowing you had him in your life. It was a pretty freaking amazing feeling, one you hoped you’d never have to give up.

“Thank you for today, Chris.” You told him, smiling; he glanced at you and smiled back, nodding. “You’re right about it being worth my time, I couldn’t imagine spending today any other way. This has just been an absolute dream come true, honestly-” you cut yourself off, chuckling, “you’re the best, the absolute best.”

“It’s not over yet,” he threw another smile your way. “We’ve still got one more stop before we call it a day, and um-” he pulled his car to a stop; you looked out and saw the Dolby Theatre. “You might want to do a quick costume change.” He told you then got out of the car before you could question him further. “C'mon,” he called as he knocked on the back windshield.

You got out of the car and chuckled when you saw him hold up two dress bags. One held a navy blue tux, and the other held your old prom dress. “Where the hell did you get that from?” You laughed, taking the bag from him. “You didn’t break into my room while I was sleeping, did you?”

“God, no,” he laughed. “Ava did.” He told you and you chuckled. Of course Ava did, your best friend would do anything Chris asked her to because she too was a huge fan of his. You’d met her on Tumblr a few years ago, connecting through your love for Chris Evans and writing, and only recently met her in real life. She was yet another wonderful thing you needed to thank Chris for, because without him to write about- you would’ve never met Ava. “I told her about today and she offered her services.”

“Isn’t she a doll,” you bit sarcastically, then laughed when he did. “Are you serious about changing?” You quizzed and he nodded, walking towards the entrance as he draped the dress bag over his shoulder. “Oh come on,” you ran after him, “I don’t want to put on a gown!”

“You’re going to be very under dressed.” He pushed the door open and beckoned you in with his head. You stared at him, not saying anything or walking into anywhere. You huffed when he chuckled, “it’ll be fun, Y/N. Trust me,” he said with a smile that you’d never- in your forty-three days of knowing him- been able to say no to.

“Fine,” you sighed and stomped into the building. “Is there a bath-” You cut yourself off when he pointed you in the direction of the bathroom. “Just so you know, I might not even fit that dress.” You told him as you stomped towards the female bathroom like a pouty child; he followed behind you, chuckling softly. “I’m not as slim now as I was at my prom.”

“You still look great to me,” he told you and you felt heat rise to your cheeks. You bit back your smile as you glanced back at him. “Get dressed,” he instructed and you nodded, “then meet me at the stage.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris waited on the stage patiently for you, fiddling with his cuffs and sleeves. “I look ridiculous,” he heard your voice and looked up as you walked down the aisle towards the stage. His lips parted in awe, then formed into a smile as he appreciated how breathtaking you looked in your simple, but beautifully elegant, chiffon gown. “I mean-” you lifted your gown to display the sneakers you were wearing. “You could’ve at least got Ava to steal me some heels too,” you joked.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented as he walked down the steps to meet you; his heart beating as fast against his chest at the sight of you, as your heart was against your chest at the sight of him. “Now come on,” he held out his arm for you to take, “I want to show you something.”

“Like what?” You asked, letting him lead you on stage. “We’re already inside this amazing theatre, I mean- this is where they host the Oscars every year.” You pulled away from him to stroll the stage. “This place has held the talents of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington and Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and-” You stopped when you realized Chris was smiling at you. “Of course,” you walked back over to him and poked his chest, “Chris Evans. A man who should have won Oscars upon Oscars by now.”

“As biased as you are, my number one fan,” he teased and you giggled, “I appreciate it. And yes,” he agreed as he looked around the place, smiling. “The theatre is amazing and I did bring you here to show you the interior. But-” he said and you turned to him, “I also brought you here to prepare you for your future.”

“And how are you preparing me for my future?”

“Come here,” he used his head to beckon you towards him. You walked over hesitantly then tensed when he moved behind you, gently grabbing your arms. “This is where you’re going to be one day,” he whispered into your ear, smiling. He was having trouble remembering what he’d planned to say to you because your perfume was incredibly intoxicating and all he could think of was kissing your neck. “You’re going to be standing up here, looking down at everyone you’d thought you’d only see on your screen, thanking them and your loved ones for taking a chance on you and supporting you to your first Oscar win.”

You smiled as you imagined what Chris was saying. It was almost like you could feel the Golden Statue in your hand; the weight and the sturdiness of it. You closed your eyes and looked up; it was like the heat of a thousand lights were kissing your skin. Your ears could hear the thundering applause and the cheers as the entire audience rose to their feet to give you the standing ovation you deserved. You’d look out into the crowd and smile; smile at the people you’d worked with, those who’d helped you get you the award. That was the dream, it’d always been the dream. Just like Chris was part of it, he was part of everything. Even as you closed your eyes to picture a scene where you just won an award of the highest honor, you saw him. You saw him in the crowd and you smiled because knowing him, having him believe in you the way he did, having him in your life- that all meant so much more to you than winning an award.

“I can’t wait to see you up here,” he told you as he released you from his grip. His hand forgot you were just a friend and not his girlfriend, and took it upon itself to brush your cascading hair over your shoulder. “You are going to go to amazing places, Y/N. I promise you that,” he said with so much sincerity that you felt your eyes well with tears.

“Oh God,” your voice quivered as you sniffled, trying your best not to start crying. Chris’ eyes narrowed as he gently wrapped his arm around your elbow to turn you towards him. “These are happy tears,” you quickly told him when you saw concern in his eyes. “I’m um-” you reached up to brush your tears away, but he beat you to it. “I’m just really touched that you believe in me.”

“Of course I do,” he smiled and lowered his hand to take your in his; he squeezed it gently. “You are incredibly talented, Y/N. I am so glad you decided to pursue screen writing because- God, it’d be a waste if you didn’t. You have a way with words that not many do, and I have no doubt that it’s going to take you up here one day.”

“Because of you,” you said and he shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Because of you. With or without me, you were going to find your way here and I’m…” He trailed off, smiling at how beautiful you looked despite your teary eyes and runny nose. “I’m going to be standing in that audience applauding your incredible talent, and wishing that I’d one day be lucky enough to be able to direct or even act in one of your flawless pieces.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” you chuckled because it was your only way to stop yourself from crying. He smiled and brushed the tears that had escaped off your cheeks. “Thank you, Chris,” you told him as you forced your way into his arms, hugging him tightly; he’d hugged you back without hesitation. “You have no idea how much all of this means to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

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Part 4A

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 1

Did anyone’s day ever go well without coffee?  Maisie Dalton’s sure didn’t.  Walking through the streets of downtown Los Angeles in six inch heels was always an adventure but without the promise of a large cup of coffee in her future, it was positively horrifying.  She’d grown accustomed to the disgusting cat calls from construction workers as she walked by, some days she wondered if these men had ever been in the presence of a female before.  What woman was honestly going to respond to, “Hey Baby, lookin’ hot today.  Wanna ride me home?”


She curled her fingers around the cold steel of the handle on the huge glass door to her office building.  Some days opening that heavy ass door was harder than others.  This day was definitely the latter.

Before she’d taken two steps into the lobby she had a large cup of something shoved into her face while her assistant, Grant tried to help get her coat off.  Maisie breathed a sigh of relief as she lifted the cup to her lips,

“You’re a lifesaver.”  

Grant opened his mouth to protest but was quickly silenced when Maisie gagged.  She looked up at him, her mouth twisted in confusion,

“What the hell is in this?”

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July 31 2017

Wow it’s the last day of July already! Where has this year even gone omg

Anyways story time:
YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY LIVE FOR ON THIS BLOG? I love when people ask me questions about UCLA and are really trying their hardest to get accepted, and then some time later THEY CONTACT ME AGAIN SAYING THEY GOT IN AND HAVE COMMITTED :’’’) I get sooo happy it’s so amazing seeing dreams come true!! I love studyblr so many gREAT things are accomplished through dedication and inspiration. 

So with that, HUUuge congratulations to @adeardreams for getting into UCLA as a graduate! Welcome to the bruin family ~


Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 7: G - Gone (AO3 extended)

The moment Noah Stilinski’s only son walked across the stage and accepted his high school diploma was the happiest day of his life so far. Not because he had graduated. That was a happy coincidence. No, it was because of what it signified.

Stiles had survived into adulthood. He had graduated high school. He had gotten into Stanford, Columbia, Berkeley, and Brown. But more importantly, he was alive.

After years of chasing down the supernatural, surviving a possession, taking a life, and years of pain, misery, and heartbreak, Stiles had made it out the other side, a little broken, but alive.

Noah couldn’t have been more proud, even when Stiles managed to trip over the hem of his grad gown and flail. Coach smacked him up the back of the head before pulling him into a tight hug. Behind him, the pack cheered and clapped. Someone wolf-whistled. The irony was not lost.

Tears damp on his cheeks, Noah watched as Stiles proudly stood at the edge of the stage, gold Salutatorian stole draped around his shoulders, and switched the tassel hanging from his cap from one side to the other. He flashed a thumbs up. Except, his attention drifted past gathered pack in the audience towards the trees at the edge of the lacrosse field.

Following his son’s line of sight, Noah caught sight of the familiar scruffy face of Derek Hale watching Stiles with and expression that could only be described as fond while he lurked in the shadow of the forest.

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13 Envelopes

pairing: reader x lin
summary: After graduating from UCLA, you would find any way to escape having to go back home. Lucky for you, your Aunt Jasmine Cephas Jones had organized a way for you to have the adventure you’d never gotten to have before. You’re ready to take her up on the offer.
warnings: rpf (naturally), mentions of teen pregnancy
a/n: this is all exposition
(part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

Envelope #1: An Escape Plan

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This Girl Is Afraid of Elevators, What She Did Next Will Astound You!

Paring: Derek Hale/Reader

Tags: female reader, anxiety attacks, fear, fear of elevators, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, humour. 

Summary: Everyone has a fear. Yours just has to be elevators, and with the stairs and fire escape out of action, there’s no other choice to leave Derek Hale’s loft…but by elevator.

Word Count: 1,888

Current Date: 2017-07-12

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

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I’ve often said that when you start looking into the backgrounds of the mainstream Black actresses in Hollywood, you will find a set of credentials that, to me, highlight the Black Tax and how it may be uniquely applied to Black women who wish to act. Considering the percentage of the country in general who has a degree and the backgrounds of other actors, you cannot convince me it is a coincidence that this much excellence and education was required of Black women in particular, just to be given the opportunity to fight for a chance.

That being said… i’d like to celebrate these women.

left to right and top to bottom…

1) Kerry Washington (Scandal, Save The Last Dance, She Hate Me, Ray, Fantastic Four, Django Unchained, For Colored Girls, The Last King of Scotland, etc) -  graduated Phi Beta Kappa from George Washington University with a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. Received an honorary doctorate from there in 2013.

2) Taraji P. Henson (Empire, Person of Interest, Boston Legal, The Division, No Good Deed, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Hustle & Flow, Baby Boy, etc … for real the list is long as hell) - graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from Howard University

3) Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years A Slave) - Masters of Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama,  BA in Film and Theatre Studies from Hampshire College 

4) Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder, Law & Order: SVU, City of Angels, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help, Law Abiding Citizen, Beautiful Creatures, Eat Pray Love, Antwone Fisher, etc… also several Broadway credits… she’s a baddie basically) -  Attended Julliard for 4 years,  graduated from Rhode Island College with a degree in Theatre and received an honorary doctorate from there in 2002.

5) Angela Bassett (American Horror Story, ER, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Notorious, The Jacksons: An American Dream, Akeelah and the Bee, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting To Exhale, Boyz In The Hood…ETC.. y'all it goes back to 1986… like… bow to a Queen when you see one) - Master of Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama, BA in African-American Studies from Yale University

6) Octavia Spencer (Red Band Society, Ugly Betty, Halfway Home, Fruitvale Station, The Help, etec.) - Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Auburn University

7) Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow, 42, American Violet, My Last Day Without You, A Free Man of Color [Broadway]) - Julliard for 4 years, got the Shakespeare scholarship and trained in England

8) Retta (Parks and Recreation) -  pre-med with a Sociology degree from Duke University, worked as a chemist with GlaxoSmithKline.

9) Jerrika Hinton (Grey’s Anatomy) - Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University

10) Regina Hall (Law & Order: Los Angeles, Ally McBeal, Think Like A Man, Think Like A Man Too, Best Man, Best Man Holiday, The Scary Movie Franchise) - Masters in Journalism from NYU


Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane, Flash Forward, Night Stalker, City of Angels, Top Five, Think Like A Man, Think Like A Man Too, Bring It On, Daddy’s Little Girls, Cadillac Records, Two Can Play That Game, etc) - graduated from UCLA with a degree in Sociology.

Danielle Brooks (Orange Is The New Black, first Black woman on Girls [a show that started in 2012 mind you..]) - graduated from Julliard.

Samira WIley (Orange Is The New Black) - Julliard grad.

Uzoamaka Nwaneka “Uzo” Aduba (Orange Is The New Black) - studied voice at Boston University and is a Broadway veteran.

not an actor, but still:

Shonda Rhimes - writer, show creator, producer (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Private Practice, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Crossroads, Princess Diaries 2) - Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, majored in English and film studies at Dartmouth College and received an honorary doctorate from there in 2014.

13 envelopes

pairing: reader x lin
summary: After graduating from UCLA, you would find any way to escape having to go back home. Lucky for you, your Aunt Jasmine Cephas Jones had organized a way for you to have the adventure you’d never gotten to have before. You’re ready to take her up on the offer.
warnings: rpf (naturally), mentions of teen pregnancy, swearing
a/n: so this chapter is the Best and y’all should appreciate it for the cutest ever
tagged: @defenestrate-yourself-please @justabravelittleblogger @decayingtrash @andschuyler

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 5)

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Three Things (Pt. 1)

( Donald Pierce x Mutant! Reader )

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Author’s note: I’m back now from Europe. And I can finally post it. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Word count: 2.2k+

Warnings: Violence and curse words. And a man named Donald.

Tagging: @missphanosaur18 @brittanynicki @lightnxngamy @wallsofchocolate @star-girl-pryde @nikky-the-writer @lissbethsalander @virgotonystark @virgosista @hxbbit @prettieparker86 @snootsnooter @generalmerrick @missingbloodyteeth @brooklyntropez @get-glitched @crazyfreckledginger 

Hunting. Surviving. Lust.

Your world was not what it used to be - when he came into the picture.

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anonymous asked:

I love your tumblr. It's perfect. Can you rec any fics where Stiles has a huge crush on Derek and rly nervous or is in a relationship with him where he's always the one chasing Derek while Derek is mostly cold and indifferent? Or anything close to that:)

Hey, Anon! Thanks for loving our blog! Sorry this took us forever—we had a really hard time finding fics for you…so we expanded your ask to include pining, crushes, and really adorable awkwardness. Hope you like ‘em! 

you in that dress (my thoughts I confess) by verity

(1,984 General Complete High School Au, Nerd!Derek)

Derek Hale is the hot guy in color guard.

(He’s the only guy in color guard.)

In Desperate Times by Nokomis

(3,454 Mature Complete Magic!Stiles)

Stiles gets magic wish-granting powers, but only when he’s in danger. He begins to teleport to Derek in increasingly awkward moments.

Look by ericaismeg

(3,741 General Complete High School AU)

Every time Derek sees Stiles, Stiles is causing accidents and making a mess. Derek’s not sure if Stiles is into him or scared of him.

Erica helps him find out.

It’s a little awkward.

Not Exactly My Cup Of Coffee by officerstilinskihale

(4,610 Teen Complete I Coffeshop AU)

Stiles buried his face in his hands and resisted the urge to scream.

The angry sex he wasn’t having with Derek would be so good.

Navigating This Space Between Us by Omni

(9,641 Explicit Complete)

Derek gets forced to watch some sci-fi show about a surly, secret prince and the sarcastic young spaceship captain hired to aid him on his quest. Strangely enough, he finds himself hooked on it. So much so that he’s even drawn into the fandom. There he meets a popular fanfic author with an oddly endearing attitude, and he gets rather smitten. Maybe this mystery guy could actually help get him to stop pining for Stiles…

I can smell it on your skin (I bet I can taste it in your blood) by brokentoy

(10,792 Explicit Complete Soul Bond. Also, this one’s a bit angsty.)

Stiles’ cover is blown the day Derek gets hit by Allison’s arrow.

The Right Motivation Is All Need by KittyBits

(11,126 Explicit Complete High School Au, Teacher!Stiles)

Stiles was the teacher.
Derek was the student.
And Stiles just really, really wanted to rip off all of Derek’s clothes and lick off that horribly sexy scowl.
He didn’t though, because he was a teacher and responsible and proper. But then Laura asked for his help with Derek and there was no way this could end anyway but badly.

Like a….Faerie! by 1lostone

(15,027 Explicit Complete Also a bit angsty.)

Stiles is about half a year from graduating and just about has managed to work up the nerve to tell Derek exactly what he’s been missing. It just goes to show you… making a wish on New Year’s while drunk off your ass was probably the most intelligent of ways to ring in the New Year. 

Unmade Plans by manicSaturday

(16,699 Explicit Complete Mpreg)

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Who was the fucking genius that said that? Because right now, Stiles is flipping out of his mind.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek’s one-night stand turns into late night rendezvous, Friday night movies, a special surprise and maybe a happy ending… yep, definitely a happy ending. I’m not that cruel.

Morning Delight by rlnerdgirl

(currently 23,255 Mature WIP Porn Star!Derek)

Six months after graduating from UCLA Stiles finds himself working behind the counter of Morning Delight, an adult store in Burbank, with his best friend Scott. When Scott gets “found,” Stiles finds himself alone behind the counter of Morning Delight when renown porn star Derek Hale wanders in one morning.

Batman Makes It Look Easy by Ilovesocks_24

(50,044 Teen Complete Superheros AU)

All of the big time superheroes like Superman and Captain America make everything look so easy. They manage to have regular jobs, save their cities and have time to maintain stable relationships. Derek wishes his life was that simple. He saves his city and works a regular job but he’s pretty sure that Iron Man never hit on Batman, so why does Red Spark keep hitting on him?

Or the one where Derek and Stiles are both secret superheroes, but are too oblivious to realize that they’re in love. Meanwhile there’s a power draining supervillain on the loose.

[Sleep] Walking After You be relenafanel

(56,551 Mature Complete)

Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom.

Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass.

Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he’s sleeping.

Enjoy the adorableness (did Angsty just say that? Yes, yes she did.)/Love and Internet hugs,

Angsty and Fluffy

Ava DuVernay b. August 24, 1972

DuVernay is an American filmmaker and distributor. 

She graduated from UCLA with a double major in English literature and Africa-American studies. After graduation DuVernay began to work as a publicist for movies, eventually creating her own successful publicity firm. From 1999 to 2011 she is credited as doing publicity work on nearly 100 films and TV shows. While doing the work DuVernay developed a desire to become a filmmaker in her own right.  

In 2006 she directed her first short film Saturday Night Life. She followed this up with several short documentaries. In 2010 she made her feature film debut with the film I Will Follow which she entirely self-funded using $50,000 of her own money. Unable to find a distributor willing to release the film theatrically she created the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM) and distributed the film herself.

By 2012 DuVernay made her second film Middle of Nowhere. With the film DuVernay achieved a long-standing goal to have her work shown at the Sundance Film Festival. Not only was it screened in the U.S. dramatic competition category but DuVernay also won the Best Director award making her the first African-American woman to win that category. 

Despite the festival success of Middle of Nowhere no distributors were willing to give the movie a theatrical release. DuVernay again released her film via AFFRM. She was offered work directing TV and commercials, but no movie offers came her way. In 2013 however David Oyelowo, who had starred in Middle of Nowhere, was attached to the movie Selma which had recently lost director Lee Daniels who wanted more money to make the film. Oyelowo asked the producers to consider hiring DuVernay which they did as she was willing to make the film for a budget of $20 million, re-write the script with no credit and the limitation that none of Martin Luther King jr’s speeches could actually be used. 

Selma was DuVernay’s first film with a studio distributor, an awards campaign, and a wide release. She became the first black woman nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Director and the first black woman to direct a Best Picture nominee at the Oscars. 

In 2015 DuVernay, who had kept AFFRM open and continued to give theatrical distribution to small films directed and or/starring African-Americans, partnered with Netflix and re-branded her company as ARRAY revealing that the scope of the distribution company would now also include a mandate to focus on films directed by women. 

The following year DuVernay partnered with Oprah’s company OWN to create the miniseries Queen Sugar for which she hired a directorial crew made up entirely of women. She also announced that she had secretly been filming a documentary called The 13th, which would debut at the 2016 New York Film Festival making her the first person to have a documentary open the festival and the first black woman to open the festival. 

She is currently working on an adaptation of the book A Wrinkle in Time for Disney, a film with a budget of over $100 million making her only the fifth woman and first black woman to direct a live-action movie with a budget that large. 

Kira Roessler, bassist for Black Flag, backstage.

From her wikipedia page:

“While sitting in with L.A. punk group DC3, members of Black Flag heard her playing, which led to her being asked to join Black Flag to replace founding member Chuck Dukowski. Roessler was majoring in applied engineering at UCLA, and Black Flag’s subsequent tours were worked around her school schedule, which was a condition for her to join the band. Her bass playing was featured on five of Black Flag’s studio albums. She remained in the band until completing touring behind their album In My Head in the autumn of 1985, then graduated UCLA in 1986.”


13 Envelopes

pairing: reader x lin
summary: After graduating from UCLA, you would find any way to escape having to go back home. Lucky for you, your Aunt Jasmine Cephas Jones had organized a way for you to have the adventure you’d never gotten to have before. You’re ready to take her up on the offer.
warnings: rpf (naturally), mentions of teen pregnancy
a/n: did someone call for a 5.3k chapter? no? sucks you’re getting one anyway and you are going to like it, dammit. [ted mosby voice] my parents live in ohio, i live in the moment.
tagged: @defenestrate-yourself-please @justabravelittleblogger

(part 1) (part 2) (part 4)  (part 5)

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