Mallory Pugh

Age: 17

Position: Forward

College: UCLA

First Cap on NT: 2016

Number of NT Caps: 1

Current Status: Play for NT and Club Team. Will play for UCLA in the fall

What You Should Know: Youngest player to be called-up since Heather O’Reilly. Rumored to have chosen to forgo college in order to play for the Portland Thorns. Later proven to be false when she signed with UCLA. Scored her first goal in her first Cap on the NT (x).


And here it is–I double majored in Spanish and Chicana/o Studies graduating Cum Laude from UCLA. 10 years later and I finally have my diploma. Being a mortuary school dropout, to being in community college on and off for six years, losing my grandmother, being in a toxic relationship where I was told I focus too much on my education, and owing almost a grand in fees to UCLA, it’s finally in my hands and I literally cried. It’s so surreal cause I never believed this day would happen. Thank you to everyone who actually supported me on this decade long journey.

Sydney Leroux

Nicknames: Syd, Syd the Kid

Age: 25

Position: Forward

College: UCLA

First Cap on NT: 2011

Caps: 75

NWSL Team: FC Kansas City

Current Status: Pregnant

Family: Married to Dom Dwyer (x), Expecting first baby later this year. Dog named Boss Leroux

What You Should Know: Born in Canada but has an American father. Chose to play for America despite growing up in Canada. Best known for her goal against Canada (x) (for more entertainment check out the version with the Canadian commentators). Has a pre-game handshake with Alex Morgan (x). Boss Leroux has his own Twitter (x). Loves tattoos. Has one Gold Medal and one World Cup

*Disclaimer* Many of these facts were found online, if something is wrong feel free to message me and I will fix it. If you have anything to add feel free to message me or you can add it yourself. This was made 02/06/16, the Caps on NT are subject to change if the player is still active on the team.  

does it ever just blow your mind that Mal Pugh is a 17 year old senior in high school & is playing in a US Women’s Soccer International Friendly + led the U-20 national team to win the 2015 CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship Title?? like this teenager has accomplished more in her high school years than I ever will in my entire life, it’s breathtakingly amazing


Immigrant stories untold

Immigration is a hot topic, but all too often the discussion is missing the perspective of immigrants themselves. What is it like to leave one’s family and homeland and arrive as a stranger in a new country with a different culture? 

The quotes and pictures above are part of the hundreds of accounts collected by First Days Project. The community-based online archive solicits and compiles short audio, video and written narratives about immigrants’ first days in the U.S.

“The First Days Project … started in response to the lack of everyday immigrant voices in most archival repositories,“ said UCLA archival studies assistant professor Michelle Caswell.

The stories, she added, provide, “a sense of how emotional the immigration experience is — from fear, anxiety and loneliness to excitement, relief and wonder. These emotions are not found in bureaucratic documentation like immigration paperwork, so in many ways the stories … balance out the official record.”

You can read more stories on their tumblr: @firstdaysproject


A hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle

With “Star Wars” on the mind this week, we had to share this hovercraft that’s similar to the speeder bikes from the movie. But this one isn’t science fiction. UCLA alum and aerospace engineer Mark DeRoche developed the Aero-X, which rides like a motorcycle.

The idea was to build a vehicle that could quickly glide over rough terrain. Your cruising speed on this thing tops out at 45 mph at 10 feet off the ground. DeRoche says that it could be used by farmers, security personnel or search and rescue missions, but admits that it could also be for those who want to joyride out in the desert.

An unmanned version also is in the works for agricultural uses such as crop dusting large areas of land.

Read more about the Aero-X.