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Trevor trying to cook a proper meal for you but he realizes he can't cook and doesn't have any real cookware but he does his best to make you a giant pot of SPAGHETTI. It's a little overdone but you two still enjoy a candlelit spaghetti dinner.




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"Hey sweet ass, why don'tcha park it right here." Rick says while holding up his hard cock for you to sit on and wags it invitingly.

ffffffffffffffffff uCK?!?!



Fenris and Isabella rip off a piece of Hawke’s bedsheet once romanced yes yes but MERRILL gets level 6000 magical girl armor and staff??? like your bae could neve r…..

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(1) ok but Slytherin!Louis being the total leader of his house and lounging around the common room like a king and keeping a very tight group of friends and people who don't know him very well might think he's snide or haughty but then they find out that he was the one behind organizing trips to Hogsmeade and setting up board game and movie days in the great hall for kids who couldn't go home for Christmas holidays,

(2) they catch him hunched over a stack of books in the library late at night with a scared Ravenclaw 5th year freaked out about O.W.L.s, helping her practice for Charms and reassuring her with whispers of “you’ve got this love, you don’t even need my help, look at how great you’re doing!” until she too is smiling and her fox patronus is frolicking about the room playfully.

(3) They start to realize that he always picks the first years without many friends first for his pickup football team, and everyone knows if they mess with the young kids in his house they will face the full force of his legendary wrath, all flashing eyes and sharp glare– so no one crosses Louis, and the young Slytherins blossom under the proud gaze of their protective Prefect.

(4) Those who watch carefully come to realize that he reserves a special, soft, eye-scrunching smile for the long-haired, long-legged Hufflepuff Prefect, who always cheers the loudest at Louis’ quidditch games, even when Hufflepuff is losing. Questioned about it afterwards, the boy with sparkling eyes and miles-deep dimples just blushes and says “oh I love a good game, doesn’t matter who’s winning.”

(5) Even those who know that there’s more to Louis than his loud and proud persona don’t know what this Hufflepuff knows, and he holds those treasured secrets close to his heart– how he somehow only feels safe on a broomstick with Louis’ arms wrapped around his, feeling his chest strong against his back and breath soft across the nape of his neck– how their shared heartbeats send him soaring before they’ve even kicked up off the ground.