uchuu kyoudai

Every once in a while someone will tweet me an image of this character Philip Louis, from the Japanese manga (& Anime) Space Brothers, asking if he’s based on me. The answer is, “Yep”. The editor of the series got a kick out of how complicated my background sounded to him: American-Born🇺🇸 to an Argentine Mom🇦🇷 & Jamaican Dad🇯🇲, raised in Buenos Aires, returning to the US for college & later winding up in Japan 🇯🇵 (to create my own manga series Peepo Choo with Kodansha). Space Brothers started serializing through the same publisher around the same time. I watched some of the anime years later. This character, Phillip Louis, is a bit of real jackass…& though I’m told he’s a “lovable” character, I haven’t quite made up my mind myself. L😑L