uchuu kara konnichiwa!


Okay, so I’ve pretty much just shot ideas around.
I haven’t really structured anything yet, so bear with me.

(° - °)

I chose the name “Uchuu Kara Konnichiwa” because, I mean, aside from sounding nice [Hello From Space!] in both Japanese and English, I wanted it to be about (a) young space explorer(s) either making contact with random inhabitants from some planets and making friends…
OR making contact with random inhabitants from certain planets in order to satisfy some kind of quota on their home planet…and making friends.

Either way, I want the explorer(s) to make contact with some Earthlings.

I’m also wondering whether or not I should make them able to verbally communicate with the inhabitants of the different planets.
Like, I think charades and stuff would be adorable, but then…they’re advanced space travelers, so maybe they’d have some kind of device to help them communicate.

That’s all I have right now.

Now the designing aspect is the tough part haha