Big bro problem
  • Itachi: *awakes mangekyou Sharingan*
  • Sasuke: *awakes mangekyou Sharingan*
  • -
  • Itachi: *tries his best to protect Konoha from the Uchiwas*
  • Sasuke: *tries his best to protect Konoha from Kaguya*
  • -
  • Itachi: *Saves the world by stoping the Edo Tensei*
  • Sasuke: *Saves the world by annihilating Kaguya*
  • -
  • Itachi: *Does the forehead poke*
  • Sasuke: *Does the forehead poke*
  • -
  • Itachi: *Goes away from Konoha in order to protect his little brother*
  • Sasuke: *Goes away from Konoha in order to protect his daughter*
  • -
  • Itachi: ...
  • Itachi: ...
  • Itachi: For the love of god Sasuke, stop copying me.
  • Sakura: *Does the forehead poke*
  • Itachi: Not you too.

July 11th, 2017: Senior maiko Toshiemi (とし恵美) of Komaya (駒屋) in Miyagawa Cho walks towards her first nightly engagement while wearing the Katsuyama (勝山) hairstyle. Senior maiko in all five kagai will wear the Katsuyama style from July 10th - 25th. All maiko, regardless of seniority, will wear a special kanzashi whose design changes each year exclusively for the Gion Festival. 2017′s design includes uchiwa (団扇 - round fans) with butterflies (蝶), multicolored clematis (鉄線), and pearl dew drops (真珠露)

Taken by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.